Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hi, all!

It's been an eventful week - two of my friends gave birth yesterday, so there are now two new little people in the world - Sarah and Buck! Add to that, my granddaughter turned two about a month ago, and another friend's little boy turns three today! It is amazing how quickly time flies and there's no clearer place to see it than watching a child grow up. My granddaughter changes every day - this week she's started showing a wicked sense of humor! She's so much fun!

Well, I started digging into the fabric stash to cut out some more quilt kits for Saturday's sewing class (a little more cautiously this time!). It always amazes me how little fabric it actually takes to make a quilt top - the Christmas quilt I cut out barely made a dent in my Christmas fabric stash! But at least all those small pieces of fabric I've been saving for years will actually be useful! Digging into the stash makes me feel better about my plans for next week, when I am going to head to Joann's to take advantage of a really good sale they are having on Kona cotton. If you've never used it, you should! It is really amazing and far superior to just 100% cotton broadcloth. I used it as a backing for a quilt I made recently and was very impressed. And of course, their clearance fabrics will be half off the clearance price..... oh boy, I'm in trouble again!! Three guesses why I have such a ridiculous stash of fabric.....

Well, I'd better get back to cutting quilt pieces and use up some more of that stash! Later!


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  1. Awww... Thanks for mentioning Carver! :) How did I not know until now that you had a blog? I am SOOOOO excited!! :) Why didn't you tell me silly girl? I would have been following before now if I had known! I will have to come back later on an catch up on all of your posts!


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