Sunday, April 11, 2010

Finally, some stash-busting!!

Hello, all!

Well, today was a good day! We had a ministry fair at church so we got to let lots of folks know about the quilt ministry. I think a few people were interested enough that they may join in, one way or another. I was also very pleased to be able to bring a quilt that was finished yesterday. I think it came out really nice, even though it's not my favorite style...

We also debuted a new name and logo for the ministry. I really like this one better than the first one we came up with, and I have my wonderful husband to thank for it. He's really creative!

I got to talking to a friend of mine at church who was telling me about a friend's baby who had been in the hospital desperately ill, but he's finally home now. It appears that giraffes have been a recurring theme in Baby Cooper's life, so this quilt seemed destined to go to him.

I love the little giraffe hiding on the back of this quilt, too - it looks like he's trying to find his way back to the front of the quilt!

Cassie finished this fun quilt, made from some of the great kids' fabrics that were donated to us earlier this year. She did it from start to finish, and did a great job!

Any time someone says they couldn't possibly make a quilt, I like to show them one of these quilts - made by someone who said exactly the same thing! I'm so proud of my sewing sisters!!

I also pieced a back today for the second of the "country-style" quilts - which is why I named this blog post "stash-busting"! I love pieced backs for the way they use up scraps out of my stash - I have such a horrible compulsion to save every scrap because I might need it someday, and this is a great easy and creative way to use up the leftovers from a quilt! So in addition to the quilt back I did today, all three of the quilts pictured in this blog have used fabrics from my fabric stash! It kind of makes me feel better about the fabrics I purchased this week............ Oh well, confession is good for the soul! At least the fabrics have a very specific purpose - quilts for my daughter's silent auction. But it was very satisfying to shop for them! I'm trying to resist a sale at Joann's tomorrow, but I may succumb - half price off red tags is very tempting!




  1. Yay! I so wish I would have been at church yesterday. Oh well. I did finish the other quilt! Washed and everything, all I need is a Piece*Love*Quilts tag! Oh,and if I can learn to quilt, any can!!!

  2. Wow!! All of these look great!! You guys are all awesome! :)


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