Monday, May 17, 2010

I was a bad, bad girl......

Hi, all!

Well, this was supposed to be the year I worked on getting rid of my fabric stash - but look what came in the mail today!!!

Well, actually, the fabric came in the mail - the Rave 4 hairspray came from Wal-Mart!  It's for an experiment in spray basting - I've been told it works, and if it does, it's a whole lot cheaper!!  ($2 per can as opposed to $11 per can!)  I'm testing it on a sample first, though..... not going to risk a quilt top yet!  The yardage fabric came from Pink Chalk Fabrics which was running a great sale last week - I had a hard time resisting it and ordered from them twice!  The pre-cuts are from the Fresh Cotton collection.  I spotted a quilt I absolutely loved in a recent quilting magazine, but couldn't find the both the honey bun and the jelly roll at the same shop anywhere!  I happened to mention it in a series of e-mails to a fellow blogger, and she sweetly told me that Burgundy Buttons had both AND that they were on sale!  Needless to say, I jumped right over to that website and ordered mine!  So anyway, now I have to stop buying fabric for a while.....

But I have new toys to play with - thanks to my wonderful hubby!  Look what I got for Mother's Day!

(Not the sewing machine - who by the way has been recently named Abigail, or Abby on days when we are having serious fun!)  The extension table is my new toy, and wow, do I love it!  It takes so much of the weight of the quilt and makes machine quilting so much easier!  I am one spoiled girl.....

And here's my second new toy - a cutting mat that rotates!  This has been a great help with squaring off blocks, which I have found is absolutely necessary when making Shoo Fly blocks!

It's the silly little things that make quilting fun, you know?

So now I have absolutely no excuse not to get those last three quilts for my daughter finished, and soon!  Plus I have new fabric to play with and lots of new quilts floating around in my head - - - sweet!!




  1. Ooh, just look at all those new goodies and toys you have to play with! You're going to be having some fun. Good idea to try the hairspray on a small sample first to see if you like it. Hope it works out for you!

  2. Fun goodies! I love tools and gadgets:)

  3. happens to me all the time :-)

  4. Sometimes me need to make those fabric purchases. Would love one of those twrily cutting mats.

  5. You are one busy quilting momma! Love all of the quilts that I have 'missed'! Especially that pastel one... yum! Congrats on your new toys!! Well deserved! :)


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