Monday, September 13, 2010

Make-A-List Monday #12!

Good morning, all!!

First of all, if you were entered in the giveaway, you can find the winner here.

It's been a busy week - can you feel the holiday season coming on?  I certainly can!  I'm trying to stay calm and not stress out, but I've noticed a serious increase in my workload and things I know need to be done this week.  So let's see how I did on last week's list:

1.  Sew up blocks and finish a flimsy for the fourth ministry quilt.  (This one is for a young man in Louisiana, so we'll call it the Louisiana quilt for now!)  Done!  I'm liking the way this is turning out - see the purple and gold blocks for LSU?

2.  Organize fabrics received last week through donations into the stash.  Done!  It's really nice to have fabric on the shelves instead of in bags.....

3.  Pull fabrics for the fifth ministry quilt.  (This one is for a family moving into a house our church is building, so we'll call this one Welcome Home!)  Done!  Now on to the cutting....

4.  Lay out my Bee Splendid blocks and number for sewing into a flimsy. (I think I may go roll up the living room rug and do this right after I finish this post - hubby is out running and I might have just enough time to do it!)  Yahoo!!!  Finally Done!!!!  And look how gorgeous this is going to look when I get it sewn together......

5.  Prepare for my 100th post GIVEAWAY!   (I guess that means I've got to figure out how that Random Number Generator works!)  Also done - and the winner was announced this morning!  It was really fun and I've made lots of new bloggy friends - so here's hoping my next milestone rolls around soon for another one!!

So now.....what's up for this week???

1.  Make at least one reversible dress for a friend; she's ordered two dresses and a t-shirt, all with really cute appliques!

2.  Finish the Louisiana quilt.

3.  Cut out the pieces for the Welcome Home quilt.

4.  Cut out the pieces for a birthday quilt.

That should keep me busy.....

And here are pictures of our newest ministry quilt, called Autumn Days - this one was made from donated fabrics (thank you, ladies!) by my friend Marsha.  It's a sudoku pattern, again - this such an easy go-to pattern, but it looks so nice when it's done!  Marsha did everything but the binding - she hates to bind, and I love it, so she handed it off to me for the finishing touches.  It's being delivered today to a lady who's going to have surgery tomorrow.  I sure hope it makes her feel loved!



PS There's a new GIVEAWAY from Sew Fresh Fabrics on Stitched in Color - go check it out!!!

And another GIVEAWAY on JaybirdQuilts - don't miss that one either!!


  1. I love all the quilts today!!! Wow!! You do have a busy week ahead!

  2. this is a beautiful got so much done last week and this list for your week this week is do so much...i don't know how you do it.

  3. All of your quilts are beautiful! I can't wait to see the Bee Splended quilt completed :) Thanks for the link to the giveaway.

  4. Your quilts are GORGEOUS!

    I love making lists - they help keep me focussed (focused?) and on track :) It's cool peeking at someone else's list too - like a peek into their front window, lol!

  5. First off I love, love, love that Jacob's Ladder! Yummy!

    HA! Sudoku quilt! When I was reading about it before I got to the picture, I was trying to figure out what that could mean. Terrific! I should have figured it out since I enjoy doing those puzzles myself.

  6. Sarah I love what you have done with the bee splendid blocks!

  7. Your Jacob's Ladder quilt is gorgeous and very fun looking! Well, all your quilts are gorgeous. Can't wait to see how that new ministry quilt turns out. Those are some pretty fabrics pulled for it. The Sudoku quilt really does say autumn days. It's lovely!


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