Monday, January 10, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #29! More Snow For Tennessee!!

Hi, all!

I hope you had a great weekend, and if you live in the Southeast, that you're staying warm and safe!  As you can see above, we've had at least 2.5" of snow here near Nashville, TN (that's my quilting ruler, and the end that had the numbers facing the right way also had a half-inch border!) and are expecting more tonight and tomorrow! (The counties south of us had up to ten inches!)  Now, I know that may not seem like much snow to some of you, but let me tell you, south of the Mason-Dixon line, that much snow can shut down everything!  The roads between me and my granddaughter are snow and ice covered, and unlikely to be cleared today, so I have a lovely snow day today to play with fabric!

Here's the view out my front door!

I had a good week last week working on my list - so let's see how it went!

1.  Finish the black and white quilt for the quilt ministry.
Done and delivered!  This one turned out so pretty...

2.  Bind a quilt (made by another ministry member) for the quilt ministry.
Done - but not by me!  My friend delivered the quilt already bound!  Awesome!! This one has been delivered to its recipient, too!

3.  Make my quilt for ALQS5!
I have come to the realization that I am not an art quilter, and have dropped out of this round of ALQS5!  I could not come up with an idea for a journal-sized (8.5 x 11 inch) quilt that made me happy, and it was stressing me out!  I'm disappointed, but it's better to realize my limitations and accept them!!

4.  Load up my new quilt frame and try it out!
I'm reading up on how to set up my test quilt but haven't actually put one on yet.  I really need to do this - my Jacob's Ladder quilt will be too large to quilt without using the frame!

5.  Start working on my UFO #1 for the PhD Challenge.
Done!  I put together the blocks from my Bee Splendid quilt, a pretty scrappy Jacob's Ladder design.  I still want to put a narrow white border and a wider green and white print border on this.

So - what will I be working on this week?

1.  Add borders to the Jacob's Ladder flimsy.

2.  Work on UFO #2 - a Christmasy Around The World quilt.

3.  Load up a practice quilt on the quilting frame.

4.  Piece a back for my niece's quilt.

5.  Put together scrap bags for our Saturday sewing meeting!

I'm looking forward to meeting with my sewing ladies this Saturday - we're going to take a page from Sew Fresh Fabrics and have scrap bags ready for each of them to use in making a 12.5 inch quilt block.  Once the blocks are made, we'll put them together in a quilt top!  

And just in case this is the first time you've checked my blog this week, be sure to take a look at my Sunday post - it's my first blogiversary, and I'm having a giveaway!  The drawing will be Thursday, so there's still time to join in the fun!!

Thanks again for keeping me accountable and helping me get so much done each week!  So tell me - what are you going to be working on this week??




  1. We got some snow last night too around a couple of inches here in GA!!

  2. We got about an inch or so here in west tn! Not a lot, but enough to close the schools!

  3. Without measuring, it looks like we have about 4 inches.

    All of the quilts are very pretty Sarah, but the Jacobs Ladder is particularly outstanding.

  4. You've got more snow on the ground than we do in WI right now! Looks pretty. Keep it there! :)

    I'm looking forward to seeing how your quilting frame set up goes. The Jacobs Ladder flimsy is such a happy scrappy quilt! Looking good!

  5. Woke up to the snow, wonderful sight. I love one good snow and then I'm ready for spring. Would have be nice to have stayed at home and sew but I had to go into work. Glad to see you are working on your UFO's, I've not been as good.

  6. I love the scrappy Jacob Ladder quilt! So pretty! :D We just got ice but I get to stay home and read ALL day so I'm not complaining at all.

  7. Hey Sarah, Your Jacob Ladder quilt is absolutely beautiful. On the snow report we probably got 5"enough to keep me confined.

  8. Snow here too!! 6-9 expected. Looks like 6 so far...

    Which frame did you get? And are you using a special machine on it? I couldn't remember...

  9. We have no snow so I will have to enjoy it through blogland. Your Jacob's ladder is fabulous!! I need to get cracking on my PhD challenge quilts.

  10. Hi Sarah,

    Fanastic job on your goals for the week, I'm sure you will get more done this week.

    No snow here in San Diego, though we are "freezing" with temps dipping into the 40's.

    visiting from Myra's PhD

  11. Did the frame come with leader fabric? Did these cloths come with lines to pin the edge of the quilt to? Did it come with markings like the middle on each cloth and then a mark every foot or 6" to the left and right all the way to the ends? Do you need to see a quilt on a frame?

  12. Wow! You really did get a lot done! I really love the look of the first quilt, so graphic!


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