Sunday, February 6, 2011

Surfin' Sunday - Featuring Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting!

Hi, all!

Sunday has rolled around again, and I'm so happy to introduce you to one of my favorite blogs - Cheaper Than Therapy Quilting!

Meet its wonderful author, Mary Lou....

.....seen here with her three kids, whom she home schools!  

Mary Lou is an impressively prolific quilter - she claims to have 58 works in progress!  Here are just a few of her beautiful quilts.....

Her first finish for 2011....

How about a little Roll Roll Cotton Boll?

Don't you just love the triangle border on this one?

She also prefers to hand quilt - although with so many projects, she says she doesn't get to hand quilt as many as she'd like to.

But my favorite part of her blog is the little devotional-type message she puts at the end of each of her blog posts.  Each time I read one of her posts, I feel just a little bit more uplifted, encouraged, and inspired!  Cheaper than therapy, indeed!    Be sure to take some time and check out her blog
- you'll love it!!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Sarah, I could just cry! Thank you so much for your kind words and for promo-ing Cheaper than Therapy today! Knowing all the ministry you do -- well, it's just humbling and sweet!
    Many, many returns of the blessings!
    Mary Lou

  2. Such lovely heading over there now..


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