Sunday, February 27, 2011

Surfin' Sunday - Giveaway Winners!!

Hi, all!!

It's Sunday again, and I'm sorry for being a little late with this post - our internet service has been really hit and miss this weekend, because of the storms in our area.  I know you're anxious to know who won the patterns from Rebecca at Chasing Cottons, so without further ado.......

Little Miss Random's first choice was #101...

Debbi - who said....I am now a follower of Rebecca's blog, thanks to Judi @

And Little Miss Random's second choice was #33...

Highpitchedbarking - who said...I already follow your blog through Bloglines.

Congratulations, ladies!  We'll be hoping to see the quilts you create from Rebecca's great designs on Can I Get A Whoop Whoop Friday sometime soon!!


And now, for this week's feature - 
I haven't heard back from the quilting blogger I wanted 
to feature this week (probably because of 
that intermittent internet service - grrrr!)
 but I wanted to clue you in to two websites 
I chanced upon this week!

Have you discovered yet?  If you haven't, you really need to check out this site - you can upload your photos, edit them, add words, frames, effects - it's awesome, and it's free!!  Check out this label I made this week...

It took me all of about ten minutes to upload, edit, add words, border and print!  Awesome!!  (PS I'll be showing the quilt that goes with this label tomorrow...)

The second site is really more of a blog, I guess, but I don't know the blogger.  The name of it is Design Seeds, and here's an example of what they post each day...

Isn't that gorgeous?  And there's loads of these on the blog - just a picture, with a breakdown of the colors - to inspire you with different color combinations for quilts.  If you want some beautiful and inspiring eye candy, this is definitely a link to check out!!

Hopefully next week we'll be back to featuring quilt bloggers - come back and see who's on the dime next time!  Congratulations again to the winners!!



PS: Don't forget, there's still time to link up to participate in the Whoop Whoop Friday giveaway!  Pop over here to find out more...


  1. Further to our discussion on colour, I immediately subscribed to that 'colourful' site. Ooh Aah!!

  2. Thank You, I love the Curlicue Crush - This is my first win, how exciting........


  3. Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for the interesting links to explore!

  4. Congrats to the winners. Love the cute little lable you made at picnik

  5. You are so creative girl! Is it raining cats and dogs up your way like it is here?

  6. kind of excited about the design seed blog, so cool!


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