Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toddlerless Tuesday #25! And a Hands2Help Giveaway Update!

Hi, all!

Tuesday rolls around again - and boy was I busy on Monday!  There's been a flurry of activity around here, all related to...

So far, we've had 25 30!! people sign up to participate in the Hands2Help Charity Quilt Challenge - awesome!!! 
 (FYI - Mary and Nikki Rae, please e-mail me directly - 
you are "no-reply" bloggers and I haven't been able to reach you!)  

But you know what?  I really want to bury Judi in quilts - so I'm going to sweeten the pot a little.  Judi is offering an Origins jelly roll as a giveaway to the people who sign up to participate.  But if we sign up 40 participants, I'm going to add another giveaway - 

- a Sherbet Pips jelly roll!  I don't know about you, but I've really been wanting some of those pips!  So encourage your friends to join in.  Signups end on Wednesday, so pop over here now and join in the fun!!  We'll draw two winners from the people who sign up to participate...


So what did I accomplish today?  Well, it would have to be better than yesterday, when I spent an hour and a half discussing with my granddaughter just why she needed a nap!  

I finished piecing this top, made a back, and quilted it for a lady who just lost her husband this week.  

And I'm hoping to start cutting pieces for a quilt for a woman who's just been diagnosed with cancer. (I'm posting this a little earlier than usual to get the word out about the Sherbet Pips giveaway, so my toddlerless time isn't quite over yet!)  This will be my third quilt using Origins - I just love this line!  The colors are fabulous, and the quality of the fabric is excellent.

So that's what I did today!  I hope I'll be just as busy tonight and tomorrow organizing all the new participants in Hands2Help - so join in, get your friends to come along for the ride - it's going to be fun!!




  1. tweeted about it again...hope this helps.

  2. Can I sign up here or do I have to navigate to another post? I want in! :)

  3. You need to use the 20 minute rule. Whenever my kids would not sleep I would lay down with them and they had to stay still for 20 minutes. No talking at all. If they talked it started all over again. (almost always they fell asleep. If they didn't then I knew they just weren't tired.)This worked great for my oldest...when she was little she refused to nap and I worked nights and needed it so bad! The middle one was a good napper. Stephen isn't. I fear that I will have to start the 20 minute rule all over again.

    Glad to see there is more interest. Yay!!

  4. That's a lovely quilt and a beautiful gesture. I'm sure the recipient will treasure it.

  5. I was smiling as I read Hillbilly Handworks comment....we did that too, but the result was that both mom and child fell asleep! LOL
    I have placed a link to the Hands 2 Help on my blog that is for a quilting design wall site (my daughter's creation). I hope we will get some more participants!
    Jacque in SC

  6. So, did she take a nap? :)

    I tweeted H2H and will put a blog post in a little while.


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