Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #11

Hi, all!

Time for another update on the quilt ministry!  It's been an easy week - not too many requests, which has given us a chance to work on getting ahead a little.  But we did have a couple of quilts go out this week....

This pretty quilt went to a young woman in Mississippi who was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.  Since she received that diagnosis, she's been told that it may be an infection, so they are doing further testing.  

And this beauty, pieced by Sharon, has been sent to a young woman who is suffering from debilitating headaches that they can't seem to find a cause for.  Hopefully the soft colors in this pretty quilt will bring her some peace and comfort!  After taking these pictures on a very windy day, I decided to name it Geese On The Wind......

We're in the process of finishing up a bunch of quilt tops that have been made by the ladies or donated to us, so we can get ahead of the need before the holidays.  Lots of quilting and binding going on around here!

We're also getting ready to host Bee Crafty at our church, as a way to introduce some new folks to what we do.  A Saturday morning to learn some new skills that they can turn into Christmas presents and home decor items.  I'll be sure to get lots of pictures - it should be a lot of fun! 

So that's what we've been up to in The Sweatshop this week - not too sweaty, but getting ready for the holidays!  Thanks for stopping by!!



Oh - one last thing!  Don't miss out on a chance at The Traveling Stash, which has landed on my doorstep - you can enter the giveaway here anytime before noon on Saturday, October 29th!   The winner will be posted on Sunday, October 30th.  Join in the fun!!


  1. Gorgeous quilts! I am glad you guys are able to get a little ahead! You all work so hard! I hope the Bee Crafty goes great!! I can't wait to hear!

  2. Your quilts are amazing you will make someone very happy. I have put my quilting on hold for awhile been traveling. I need to organize my fabric by color so I am ready for 2012 ministry quilts. Our quilts will be blessed in church and shipped off.

  3. Your quilt ministry is just amazing. I didn't realize you served people around the country. How does this work? Do people send requests for friends and family members? How did you get it started. Our church has a group that makes quilts for Luthern World Relief, but I like the idea of helping people in our own back yard. Bless you and all the quilters in your group.

  4. I really like the quilt Sharon made. Love those pinwheels and flying geese. It just 'moves' for me.

  5. That strippy quilt at the top is sure to brighten her day! Love the colors. Geese on the Wind is a beauty too.

  6. What a wonderful ministry you are doing, especially something you love, and then knowing your love is wrapping around someone who really needs it! It is not only the month for Halloween, but breast cancer awareness month!!! Treat yourself or a loved one because you care! I am just stopping by with a reminder to do your self breast exam.
    Here's a fun place to start! Everybody loves boob lube!


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