Monday, February 20, 2012

Make-A-List Monday #83! Quilts and Progress!

Hi, all!

Well, it's been a very productive week here - about time!!  This will be a long post, so let's get right to last week's list....

1.  Quilt the skateboarding quilt.
Done!  And I'm working on the binding right now...

2.  Quilt a man's quilt for the ministry.
Done!  Pam pieced this lovely top, I quilted and bound it... (More pics to come on Wednesday's ministry update!)

3.  Piece a stars quilt for the ministry.
In progress - up on the design wall, and hopefully I'll get it sewn together tomorrow...

Looking at this, I'm seeing some changes I want to make...

4.  Piece a charm squares mini quilt for a special project.
Pieced - now I just need to get it quilted! (More on this special project below...)

5.  Put together more kits for the ministry.
Done!  And snatched up by ministry members before I could take a picture!  But I did some by Amy Smart's Easy Strawberry Fields Bricks Quilt design, some others by Amanda Jean Nyberg's Stacked Coins Baby Quilt design, and a few that will make a quilt similar to these great quilts by Rita over at Red  Pepper Quilts!

And if you saw my blog last week, you know that I have been on a re-organizing kick - so here's what I managed to get done on that front...

The storage shelves in their final position
 (I had to move the quilt frame a little to make that back shelf work there...)

New shelves in that closet make it a lot more useful!

And maybe you remember this pic of my batting storage system  futon?
Well, here's what it looks like now!

And that missing chair?

Not missing any more!
And I added in a small hanging section to keep my personal UFOs organized and in sight - so hopefully I'll get to them someday!!

Still a work in progress, but getting there!
So that's what I did last week!  And on tap for this week....

1.  Finish binding on the skateboarding quilt.

2.  Piece the stars top.

3.  Quilt the charms squares mini quilt.

4. Quilt the stars top.

5.  Start working on Hands2Help 2012!

OK, that's enough for one week - because I've also been asked to do one day of a blog hop for a new book, Back to Charm School! 

 I'm really excited to be doing this, and I hope you'll come back on Friday to see what I've found in this neat book!  I've got a signed copy of the book to give away, and also a couple of other surprises, so come back Friday, link up your achievements for the week for a whoop whoop, and join in the giveaway fun!!  And to get extra chances to win a copy of this great book, check out the other stops on the blog hop this week...

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     2-24        Sarah Craig                    
     2-24        Suzanne Melkoski          
     2-25        Michelle Marr                 
     2-25        Pat Wys                         

So all in all, another busy week!  Wish me luck!  What are you working on this week?




  1. You have been one busy woman! I need for you to come to my house to organize. Sewing Sisters are rocking. Beautiful quilts. Can't wait to see Friday's surprise.

  2. Yes, great organization! Some lovely peeks at works in progress, can't wait to see more.

  3. Great use of your space! I love the blue quilt and can't wait to see the charm squares project.

  4. The skateboarding quilt looks very interesting:)

    You were an organizing queen!

  5. WOW! your sewing area looks great! Want to come tackle mine? hee hee

  6. Sounds organized!!
    Glad you found the chair :)

  7. Thank you for the chance to win this book.
    Conny from Red Deer, Alberta

  8. Sarah, Your organization looks great!!! Well done.


  9. Love all the ways your are organizing! It is so freeing to work in an organized space!!! (at least for me)

    I'm curious, what kind of quilt frame do you have? Is it a long arm machine?

    Have a great week!

  10. Looking at your reorganizing photos makes me want to give you a standing-o! Woo-hoo, what a feeling of accomplishment that must be. It looks like the quilting mojo has room to move now, by the looks of all you've gotten done and have planned.

    That reminds me...I won a book in a giveaway at the end of January's scraps-along challenge, and there's a cute quilt in there that made me think of you and your ministry quilts, and the scrap management system. It's made with 3.5 inch scrap squares. I'll have to email you the details soon.

  11. I need you to help me organize my basement quilting storage area.


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