The Helping Hands Project

As the Piece*Love*Quilt ministry nears the donation of its 500th quilt, I'm hoping to be able to create a commemorative quilt to hang in our church that will honor all the "helping hands" that have been involved in the ministry - the hands that have pieced quilts, sorted and folded fabric, built kits, sent donations of scraps, fabric, blocks, UFOs, flimsies, and finished quilts - everyone who has helped build this ministry.  

To that end, I am hoping that each person who has helped will create a block to add to the quilt.  Your block should have a hand on it somewhere - painted, drawn, pieced, appliqued, embroidered - however you choose to make it.  Please put your name and location on the block, too.  It can be any color and any size - we will make them all fit in together.

As the blocks come in, I will post pictures of them on this link so that you can see them, and will definitely post a picture of the finished quilt!  

As of mid-January 2013, we have given away 426 quilts, so I think we will reach the 500 mark sometime in late April or May.   So please send in your blocks soon!  You can e-mail me at for the mailing address for your block.

Thanks for participating!!





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  1. What a great idea!!!
    Do you want a block from those of us who donated to the H2H projects?


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