Monday, March 13, 2023

Make-A-List Monday - Obsessed!


Hi, all!

Monday really snuck up on me this week, because I have been totally obsessed with one of my tasks from last week!  Let's see how that list went...

1.  Meet with a quilting customer Tuesday morning.

Done!  I have a lovely top to quilt for her, while she works on the next one!

2.  Pull together more "kits" to quilt at church Tuesday night.

Done!  The other ladies and I worked so hard to get a large box of tops all sorted out and backs and borders pulled.  Now comes the harder work of getting them ready for quilting!

3.  Quilt ministry quilts!

I didn't get to this one because.....

4.  Start on a reorganization of my fabric stash.

I started this one!!!  And wow, did it grab my attention.  I have gone through five bins of fabric now, and here's just a bit of what I've done...

Four new bins of fat quarters, plus three bins of half yards;

Two tubs of 10" squares!

And three of these lovely organized bins with "more than a yard"s!

I had so much fun going through all some of my fabric that it was hard to stop and do other things that I should be doing!  It was kind of like opening a time capsule - as I did it I remembered the quilts that left the remaining fabric in my stash.  And now it is starting to look so much better - I can't wait to finish it up!

5.  Start prepping handwork to take on vacation in a few weeks.

Another one of those things I didn't get to...

6.  Start prep work for Hands2Help 2023!

Mentally, yes, totally!  But beyond that, no.

So while I got a lot done last week, I really need to concentrate on things other than my stash this week, no matter how obsessed I am with continuing to organize it!  Here's my goals for this week...

1.  Prep work for H2H 2023.

2.  Borders and backs for ministry quilts.

3.  Then, maybe, more fabric organizing!

4.  Handwork for vacation.

I think I can get excited about the handwork for vacation - I'm planning to cut the borders for my hexie quilt so that I can hand stitch them to the top.  Definitely good for long car rides and lazy evenings!

So now I really need to know - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. sometimes it looks like every waking moment you must be in the sewing room - but I'm sure you are doing other things as well :)

  2. Nice accomplishments--hope the vacation goes well!


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