Monday, October 3, 2016

Make-A-List Monday - Just Beachin' It!

Hi, all!

I'm happy to say I almost forgot it was Monday today - I've been busy playing in the sand with my grandkids and having a lot of fun!  

My view at sunrise this morning..
But since it is Monday, let's take a look at last week's list and see how much I got done...

1.  Quilt and finish the two baby quilts.
Done!  I love the way these turned out - you can see more on this post...

2.  Order supplies for the new t-shirt quilt commissions.
Done!  They should come in while I'm gone so I can get started soon after I get home!

3.  Order more batting for the quilt ministry.
Done!  I forgot to take a picture, because it really is something to see, but four new rolls of batting showed up at my house just before we left for the beach!

4.  Pull together handwork projects for vacation.
Done!  I've been working on the handwork pieces and posting some pics on Instagram - here's a sample...

5.  Pull together a box of fabric the kids can play with when they want to be "like Nana" on vacation!
Done!  And I'm so glad I did - they've been having a lot of fun with it and staying occupied!

6.  Clean up the house so the dog sitter doesn't run away screaming...
Done!  And as much as I hate cleaning house, it really did look nice when I left...

7.  Change the oil in the car.
Done!  Yet another of those pesky chores that keep me from quilting, but at least it's done for the next six months or so...

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done!  This quilt went to a new mom who loves all things brown, green and earth-mother-ish - she's having tough recovery from childbirth...

...and this quilt is for her new little daughter!

This quilt went to a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer.  It was requested by a woman we gave a quilt to three years ago, who is a survivor of breast cancer herself.  She loved hers so much (and still uses it) that she thought it would be the best thing to give her friend!


And this stack of five baby quilts was taken to the local General Hospital to be given away to underprivileged newborns.

So I did manage to get everything on my list done - hooray!!!  It felt really good to look at the list on Thursday and realize that I didn't have too much left to do (except for that pesky house cleaning!)   I also put the binding on three quilts for the quilt ministry and got those washed and dried and returned to church in case they need to give them away this week while I'm gone.

And this week?  Well, obviously I'm playing at the beach, but I also have some quilt-y goals I can work on in our non-beach hours (like now).  Here's my list for the week...

1.  Finish the hand-stitching on my main project for the Artisan blog tour.

2.  Do some hand-quilting on a couple of pillow tops.

3.  Deconstruct a huge mess of men's ties for a memory quilt I have to start as soon as I get back home.

4.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up (a bit harder long distance, but that's what minions are for!)

So a short list this week, but I'm not planning on spending the same amount of time working on quilty stuff as I usually do, either!  Long car rides are great for some of this, though, and it's a long way from Nashville to a beach, you know!

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. Hope whatever beach you chose is far from Hurricane Matthew! Oy, do I remember cleaning the house for the pet sitter. And then, of course, clean and tidy when we get home, too. That was my one thing I didn't like about going away. But, vacation, is vacation, right?! Have fun.

  2. Have fun at the beach, you deserve it!

  3. Great tackle of that list. LOVE the photo of the girls playing in their sewing box. I had a little cigar box filled by my grgran for my visits with her - she always threw in a bit 'odd' piece now and then to see if I would be creative.

  4. I'm catching up after being gone all weekend. Thankfully I don't have any projects with a deadline right now, so I'm just playing with some leftover scraps. I have one little project done; we'll see what we get done today. Enjoy your time with those kiddos and relaxing on the beach! Wendy at

  5. Have fun at the beach! What beach are you at? It looks beautiful, especially that sunrise.

  6. Reading this late in the week -- sure hope you are not at one of the beaches that will be impacted by Mr. Matthew! I hear Destin, FL is beautiful this week... hoping you are there. Yea for getting everything on your list checked off!


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