Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Storage Ideas!

Hi, all!

How are your scraps doing?  Still running all over you?  Well, I'm on vacation this week, but I have been doing a little poking around on Pinterest, and I've found some interesting ideas for storing those scraps.  You've probably seen some of these before, but now that you're thinking about your scraps, maybe you'll see them with a different eye.  And yes, I know the purpose of having scraps is to use them - but if you don't know what you have, how can you use them?  So let's look at some ways to organize all that lovely loot you have!

Personally, I can't imagine having so few scraps that they would fit in a mason jar, but isn't this pretty?  And I could use this idea for my crumb scraps - hmmm...  maybe I should hit the store for some mason jars!

This is a lovely way to store your scraps AND enjoy the pretty colors too - a good solution if you have more than will fit in a mason jar.  It would also be a great way to sort your strips by color!

This is so basic, but sometimes basic is best!   Clear plastic containers sorted by color.  It appears that these could be stacked on top of each other underneath the bottom shelf, optimizing all the space available for storage.

Do you have doors in your sewing area that are just blank canvases?  I love this idea - storing larger pieces of scrap by color.  I also use this type of storage for my thread cones.

And isn't this the cleverest idea?  If you have old file cabinets, what a great way to utilize them.  Take hanging file folders and steal the hanging bars.  Insert them in a fabric "basket" and hang the basket in the file drawer, using them to sort your scraps by color.  I love this idea!  

And I read a clever tip about using wire baskets for scraps - instead of dumping the scraps out on a tabletop to pick out your scraps of choice, just reach through the wire and pull it out!  I have these particular wire baskets - they come from Target and fit perfectly in the Rubbermaid brand Cubicles, also available from Target.  (No, I don't get any money from Target - it's just a useful place to find these things!)

You can see more ideas and check out the sources for these pictures on my Pinterest board, Scrap Storage Ideas.

 Do you have any great tips to share for storing scraps?  We'd love to hear them!  Chime in below by leaving a comment.




  1. The wire baskets in the cubes are pretty! My scraps are not so organized, no advice here!

  2. The hanging file folders look like they were made from fabric with sides, which would work better than a file folder (mine would be bulging and fabric would fall out). Clever idea. I like the mason jar idea too, but I'd have to buy the really big jars! Wendy at piecefulthoughtsATgmailDOTcom.

  3. I too can not imagine keeping my scraps in mason jars - way too many and would need too many jars LOL -- pretty though

  4. I use small fabric bins from target. The color of my bin matches me room!

  5. Believe it or not, I use Glad entree-sized plastic containers to store scraps by color. They're cheap, they stack easily, and you can always get more! They're just the right size to make me use up some of those scraps, too.

  6. love this post - my favorite things - scraps and bins !!!! I love them too much to ever use them up, lol

  7. What great ideas. I actually have very small scraps stored in plastic gallon jars that came filled with biscotti from Sam's. They look pretty like the mason jars and hold a little more. One is just filled with leftover pieces of ribbon. The back of the door hanger is so clever. Use up all the space you can to store fabric, right?

  8. We have an extra filing cabinet in the garage. Sure wish that I had more room in my studio... I would SEW use this idea!!!

  9. What gorgeous pictures of all those great storage ideas. How many have you incorporated in your clean up? (Ok, I admit I just looked at the pictures for the most part.) When I divie things by colors I never seem to have those cute bright colors. Maybe that is why I keep buying more and more fabric!

  10. Thanks Sarah -- I do have the 12x12 drawers for my string storage from when I used them as a scrapbooker, the problem i have with the m is they are sometimes a bit shallow (or maybe I have to many string scraps. I have also cut up my scraps into usable sizes in the past using my accuquilt.

  11. I'm currently using some clear plastic boxes to hold string scraps and ziplock baggies to hold larger, more squarish scraps. My problem is that my scrap stash changes size and then my current solution won't work. Sigh.

    My new endless source of "free" storage boxes is to use Kleenex boxes after we empty them out during allergy season! I cut and then glue down the top with the slot in it to make nicely sized open top containers. Might be time to make that my string storage method, rather than buying more of the clear boxes!


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