Friday, May 21, 2010

Sew and Tell Friday - Bear With Me!!

Hi, all!

My week has been so weird, it's a miracle I have anything to post at all - but I'm posting these as "finishes" because it was such a trial getting them this far!!!  Every time I was ready to put a quilt sandwich together, it started raining.  Then Thursday, my dog woke up with ears as thick as pork chops - silly thing thinks that hornets would be fun to play with - turns out she's allergic to hornet stings!  So I spent a good part of the morning dealing with the vet and, once again, sewing got pushed to the afternoon, when, once again, it started raining!!!  So this morning I got up really early, got outside before the weather got bad, and got my quilt sandwiches (3 of them) put together.  As you may be able to tell from the pictures, by the time I got to this point, the weather was already starting to get iffy again - lots of wind and intermittent sunshine - but they are finally done!!  Hallelujah!!

These three quilts are for my daughter's silent auction, and I should have them done in time to show finished pieces next Friday!  (You are seeing front and back of each quilt above.)  That will make four quilts for her, and that's all I thought I would be doing........      but ...............      

my wonderful friend Tracy, who made a beautiful appliqued Sunbonnet Sue quilt for her granddaughter, brought me six (yes, SIX!) blocks she had leftover from her quilt as her donation to the cause!

So it looks like I'll be doing one more quilt to bring my newest grandchild home before it's all over!  I have such great friends - but this one really takes the cake because I know how much work goes into those blocks!  Thanks again, Tracy!!

So now, it's time to get quilting!  But not until I see what everyone else has been up to on Sew and Tell Friday!!  And don't forget to check out the Bloggers Quilt Festival!!



  1. Glad you got your sandwiches made in between the rain (doesn't it sound like you're having a picnic?). They look great. I really like that first one with the white and blue/green/brown colors. Very modern looking. Aw, poor dog. Hope he's getting better. Oh, those Sunbonnet Sue blocks are wonderful!

  2. Wow you did it! I love the first one. I'm partial to white...
    I feel for your doggie because I was stung by a bee recently and it's not fun :o(

  3. Poor doggie! I love the quilts' backs as much as the fronts!

  4. you were busy!! they all look so great.

  5. Wow! Great finishes! And such a nice donation of wonderful blocks!

  6. Great quilts! Getting them sandwiched definitely counts as a "finish" in my book. lol Good luck with getting the rest done in time! Love the SBS blocks. What a generous friend! :o)

  7. And I hope your poor puppy's ears are feeling much better now!


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