Sunday, March 31, 2019

Hands2Help 2019 - Meet The Sponsors!

Hi, all!

I hope you're enjoying the Challenge so far!  Maybe you've started on your quilts, maybe not - everyone works at a different pace - so it's all good!  Today we're going to meet the sponsors who have contributed some lovely things to thank all of you wonderful quilters for participating in the Challenge….

First, let's meet the corporate sponsors.  

 C&T Publishing is providing four $25 gift certificates!  They have loads of fabulous books - I'd have a hard time choosing!

Amy Smart, who blogs at Diary of a Quilter, has sent a big bundle of her patterns for several participants!  An accomplished pattern and fabric designer, her blog is always interesting and insightful.

The folks over at Fat Quarter Shop are back again this year, offering three $25 gift certificates!  Have you been to Fat Quarter Shop?  They have a great selection of fabrics, and they feature wonderful tutorials for easy quilts using pre-cuts.  Lots of fun things going on there!

Christina Cameli, from A Few Scraps, is donating a copy of her newest book, Step-by-Step Texture Quilting, and a copy of her first book, First Steps to Free Motion Quilting!   While all of her books are excellent, these are two of my favorites.  Definitely a must-have for your own library!

You may be most familiar with Classic Metal Company as the creators of those fabulous metal barn quilts - but Mark has been branching out, and this year he is donating eight sets of these fun A Quilter Lives Here items as prizes for Hands2Help!  Be sure to check out his website to see all the beautiful things he creates just for quilters!!

If you're anything like me, you're already familiar with The Warm Company, creator of Warm & Natural batting.  The Warm Company has sent us seven wonderful quilt batts to be given away as prizes!

Northcott Fabrics has joined us as a sponsor this year, sending several beautiful fabric bundles to share as giveaways!  Their fabric truly is wonderful, with a beautiful hand and great colors.

Moda Fabrics has also jumped on board, with a fun box of goodies that will ensure many happy hours of quilting to come for some of you!  

Quilters Dream Batting has generously donated six quilt batts for our participants!  These are great batts, particularly for hand quilting!

Clover USA, the makers of my favorite tool, the hera marker, have sent us some fabulous notions as giveaway goodies!

Emily Bailey, who blogs at Em's Scrap Bag and is also the champion for one of our charities, Quilty Hugs for Happy Chemo, is donating three bars of soap and five PDF patterns from her shop! If you love scrappy quilting, you need to be reading Emily's blog - she's the queen of scraps!

Pineapple Fabrics is joining us as a sponsor this year with two giveaway goodies!  Be sure to check out their on-line shop and tell them thank you!

Judi Madsen at Green Fairy Quilts is joining us again this year, with a fat quarter bundle for one lucky participant!  If you don't know about Judi, you should - in addition to being a fabulous quilter, she's a pattern designer, author, teacher, AND she runs a great on-line shop!

Figo Fabrics is new this year - new to the Challenge, and new to the scene as a fabric company!  They are an off-shoot of Northcott Fabrics, and they were so much fun to meet in person at QuiltCon!  Be sure to check out their fun, fresh, and very modern fabrics soon... is another new sponsor this year!  I got to shop in their booth at QuiltCon and oh my what wonderful fabrics they had!  (A half-yard bundle of Nuno may have jumped into my basket..) They are generously offering a discount coupon to their on-line shop for all participants who finish the Challenge this year!  

OLFA is also joining us this year as a new sponsor!  (I got to meet so many wonderful people at QuiltCon this year and talk to them about the Challenge - it was great to add lots of new sponsors.)  I don't know a single quilter who doesn't use at least one OLFA product, and they have generously donated two mini-cutter bundles as giveaway items.

Elizabeth Hartman, pattern designer extraordinaire, has joined us as a sponsor this year by sending nine of her patterns!  Her designs are definitely on my bucket list - if you aren't familiar with them yet, you can check them out on her website.

Fabricworm is once again joining us as a sponsor, providing a fat quarter bundle for one lucky participant!  Fabricworm has a wonderful array of fabrics in their shop, including organics, Japanese imports, and the fabulous Charlie Harper fabrics!

Do you love really great lighting at your sewing machine? Then you need to check out InspiredLED!  I absolutely love their lights on both my tabletop sewing machine and on my long arm - they really help my old eyes!  InspiredLED is donating three lighting kits for this year's Challenge!

Many of you not only give it forward with your quilts, but you also help encourage the people who participate in the Challenge by donating giveaway items!  (Quilters are THE BEST!!!)  So here's what your fellow participants have donated!

Terri Johnson, who blogs at QuiltNCards, is donating a bundle of eight fat quarters in a rainbow of colors!!  Terri does the most amazing paper piecing - you should see some of her creations!

Kathleen Gansert, a/k/a KatieQ, who blogs at Katie's Salt Marsh Path, is donating a beautiful Craftsy quilt kit.  Katie's trying to get back into the habit of blogging, so stop by her blog and show her some love!!

Susan Smith of Stitched by Susan is returning as a giver this year, offering edge to edge long arm quilting services, Hobbs 80/20 batting, thread and return postage for one lap size quilt, (max 4200 square inches).

Jamie Elfert of L'Fair Quilts is newly retired (which is great for her pattern designing) and in her newfound spare time she found a great item I think every quilter needs!  She's donating one of those wooden quilt squares (they come unfinished so you can match it to your own decor) for one of this year's participants!

Karen McCutchen has put together some wonderful quilting goody bundles that several of our participants are really going to enjoy!

Sharon Vrooman, who blogs at Vrooman's Quilts, is sharing two Island Batik fat eighth bundles with us this year.  Sharon has the coolest address for a quilter of anyone I know!  

Carole at From My Carolina Home will send to one lucky winner a sample card of  all Hobbs Battings along with four 18-inch square Tuscany battings to try, a set of 8 summer fun color fat quarters by Boundless Fabrics, a spool of Aurifil thread, and the Scrap Dance pattern of the winner's choice.

Leanne Parsons, also known as Devoted Quilter, is donating two PDF quilt patterns to this year's Challenge!

Joyce a/k/a Quilterchick Designs is an author and pattern designer, and is stepping up with one of her books and some low volume fabric for one lucky participant!

Cindy, who blogs over at Stitchin' at Home, is donating one of her PDF patterns!

Myra, who blogs and creates over at Busy Hands Quilts (and by the way, has a great Friday linky party there too!) is donating five PDF patterns from her shop to five participants!

P., the famous blogger, Pyrex and paint-by-numbers collector, and general all-around fabulous quilter, is donating two books to the goodie collection!

We've also had some wonderful Quilt Fairies who are helping us obtain more goodies to giveaway. More than ever this year, and you all have no idea how much I appreciate all your participation!  My office is currently a disaster area of boxes and piles of giveaway goodies...

...that I'm working diligently to get ready for the end of the Challenge!  So while I work on these, you guys keep working on those quilts!


Such a great array of prizes from so many generous folks!  Despite our record number of participants (247 to date!) it looks like we will have enough goodies to send a "thank you" to everyone who finishes a quilt!   And if you already said you'd donate something, but you don't see your name here, let me know - I have tried to keep track of everyone, but something may have fallen through the cracks...

Be sure to show all our sponsors some love - they really come through when I contact them about the Hands2Help Challenge every year!!  And be sure to check back next week, when the fabulous Jamie of L'Fair Quilts will be our guest blogger!!

Remember, if you post pictures of your H2H quilts or in-progress shots on Instagram, try to tag me (@fabricaddictquilts) and use the tags #Hands2Help2019, #h2h2019, #carolinahurricanequiltproject, #mercyfulquilts, @jacksbasket, #quiltyhugs, and/or #victoriaquiltscanada.

Time to get quilting!!



PS If you're just now finding out about the Hands2Help Comfort Quilt Challenge, there's still plenty of time to enter!  Just fill out the form in the top right sidebar (be sure to scroll down and fill out the complete form!) You can read more about the Challenge by clicking the Page tab at the top of the blog...

Friday, March 29, 2019

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Well Begun is Half Done...

Hi, all!

Welcome to another Friday!  Arguably the best day of the week, the beginning of the weekend, and most important of all, time for us to get our whoop whoop on!  Are you ready?  Let's go!


Well, I don't have a finish this week, but I do have a start!  Wednesday afternoon, I loaded Gypsy Wife onto the quilt frame...

...and Thursday I started quilting her!

I'm using a wool batt again, so I'm doing a lot of heavily filled areas to make other sections stand out.

It's fun coming up with ideas to fill in the spaces!  I've had a lot of help from some good friends...

I'm combing these books, by Christina Cameli, Angela Walters, and  Amanda Murphy, for Quilting ideas.  Excellent quilters all, and they are so good at sharing their techniques!

This is an early shot taken shortly after I started.  I've worked on some of the larger blocks here, and you can see that it's going to show some pretty definition!

A close-up shot of that corner.

The heart was a fun one to quilt.  I really like the bottom corners of that block!

By the end of the afternoon, I had finished most of the first pass.  Fatigue was starting to set in, though, so I killed the electric lights and took some pictures in the natural daylight.

As you can see, I decided to stitch in the ditch between the vertical strips.  I like the definition it gives, but I'm still trying to decide if I want to do anything else in those spaces.

It is amazing how the quilting can change the looks of a block!

I really like seeing this picture of the upper left corner, taken after I added the vertical background stitching.  Look back at the earlier picture of this corner and you can see what a difference it makes!

So in the spirit of "well begun is half done", 
can I get a whoop whoop?


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight.

Hope to see you there!



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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Gypsy In The House!

Hi, all!

Scraps, scraps everywhere - they can really consume you, can't they?  But every so often, it's nice to have a finish, and be able to look at it and know that you took something that could have been thrown away and turned it into something beautiful.  You may have seen this post about my Long Time Gone quilt...

...and today, I'm happy to say that now I can add Gypsy Wife to the (nearly) finished column!  I went back and looked through my pictures, and found this one, dated August 8, 2017.

That was the day that I started Gypsy Wife, a Jen Kingwell pattern.  The fabrics are Latitude batiks by Kate Spain, and were a wonderful and unexpected gift from Kate herself.  I came home one day to an enormous box on my doorstep, filled with scraps of the line before it even came out, along with a note from Kate saying SURPRISE!  I divided them up into cool and warm colors, pressed and sorted them into these tubs, and started on Gypsy Wife.

The blocks have been finished for a while, but trying to find time to set them into the background strips was hard to do, with so many projects going on.  However, last week I decided that it was time to put those blocks together, AND I DID!

Bear with me, because I've got a lot of pics!  

Isn't it gorgeous?  I love the way it looks like the blocks are floating on the vertical strips.

And even though it was windy, I wanted to get a stained glass shot (or two or three...)

I tried to use mostly warm colors in my blocks, with cool tones as the backgrounds.  Then I used all cool tones as the background vertical strips.

This quilt has a nice variety of blocks, and is a great way to learn to piece well.

There are no paper pieced blocks in this quilt, either. Hooray!

I made one mistake in this quilt - well, at least one! - as I found as I was piecing the last section that one of the blocks I had left wasn't what was called for in that space.  But by then, I wasn't going to go find where I messed up earlier and take it apart, so I made it work.  At least I'll be able to identify it as mine and no one else's!

It was such a rarity to have sunlight, I even love this shot with the sun glare!

One final shot as the sun sets in the west.

And don't think that this top is going to languish on a rack waiting to be quilted - I ordered another wool batt which arrived today, and the back is made and ready to go.  I need to quilt one more ministry quilt to reach a self-imposed finish goal before I load Gypsy Wife on the frame, so I should get to start on it tomorrow sometime.  I can't wait to try out some new designs that I picked up from Christina Cameli's new book, Step-by-Step Texture Quilting!

I still have scraps, scraps everywhere - even in the Latitude tubs - button I have two beautiful scrap quilts that I will be keeping for myself.  And I'm so inspired to keep making scrap quilts!