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Three little words that sum up what we do.
Seems simple, doesn't it?

Back in 2009, my friend Kelley was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cervical cancer.  At a loss for what to do to help, I got a clear indication that a quilt should be made for her.  And with a simple "Yes" to that call from a small group of women, a quilt ministry was born.  (You can read more about that story here - it's worth seeing!)

Kelley's quilt -
"Field of Dreams"

Since that time, our group has grown to include not just women in our church, but local quilt bloggers who come and sew with us and quilt bloggers from around the world who help support the ministry with donations of fabric, blocks, UFOs, WIPs, and finished quilts.  Our local quilt shop owner, Marita, has joined in the fun too, helping us out with her purchasing powers so we can afford to buy the basic necessities for quilt making - batting, needles, etc. 

"Caribbean Reflections"
Given to a teenager battling cancer

My DH is our strongest supporter - and deserves the credit for the name of our ministry, Piece*Love*Quilt.  We were on vacation one summer and seeing Peace Love (Whatever) t-shirts everywhere - manatees, dolphins, whales, giraffes - and he thought that with a creative "mis-spelling" it would be a good name for a quilt ministry.

"Not Your Grandmother's Flower Garden"
Given to a young woman with breast cancer

From small beginnings - one quilt made for the ministry in 2009, 61 quilts made in 2010, and 115 in 2011 - we are growing rapidly.  We have made and distributed 85 quilts so far in 2012 (as of June 30, 2012) and moved into our own dedicated space at church, so that we can give more time to the ministry!  

The night of the "5-Pound Smackdown"
scrap cutting competition!
Believe me, this makes DH very happy, as most of the work done corporately by the group took place at my house - which was overflowing with donated fabrics and quilts in various stages of completion!  We love having our own space where we can spread out and make quilty hugs for people in need!

"Houses & Trees"
made from a donated pieced top
Given to an older gentleman with kidney failure
If you are one of those people who has donated to our ministry, thank you so much!  Your gifts are well used and eventually well loved by someone who needs a quilt.  If you haven't donated in the past, but are weighed down by UFO guilt or an overflowing stash, feel free to e-mail me - we'll be glad to help!  Charitable donation letters can be provided for tax purposes if requested.

You can keep up with our progress by checking this blog on Wednesdays for "What's Cookin' At The Sweatshop?" updates!


  1. What a beautiful blog and very inspirational, should not be so costly, I live in New Zealand, otherwise I would post some of my excess stash for your very worthy cause.

  2. This is so terrific! I do lots of charity quilting, and will share some stash with you lovely ladies! There is nothing as heart warming as a hug and a quilt!

  3. This is a wonderful ministry. I belong to a guild that makes baby and children quilts for those in need. FYI - I am a breast cancer survivor and when I was going through radiation, I was given a small quilt at the treatment center. A local church has ladies that make small quilts for patients to wrap around them (shoulders) as they go from the dressing room to the radiation room. When I was through radiation, the quilt came home with me. It stayed at the treatment center the entire time I was undergoing radiation. I've been in remission for 8 years. I still take oral anti-estrogen therapy and see my oncologist every 6 months as I am very high risk for recurrence. May God richly bless all to which you put your hands.

  4. I am sorry to ask here, but where do we sign up for the H2H? I can't find a place to sign in at!

  5. Very inspirational :) i have my own little charity project that I call "Because You Matter". I make quilts mostly for kids going into emergency foster care. I should take your example and put out a call for stash fabrics because it is very expensive to do this on my own!

  6. So thankful to hear all you do.....I somehow didn't see a post where you talked about being a cancer survivor. Can you tell me where to find it? God bless you!!

  7. Really love Caribbean Expressions, is there a pdf? Really happy quilt for cancer patients. Extremely interested in donating for cancer patients. Lost both my parents in last Five years to cancer. Any charities for cancer that you know of? Suggestions?

  8. I'd like the PDF of the quilt pattern on the chair at the top of the 12/3/20 post home page. It is a blue/aqua with some large blocks and some smaller blocks. I didn't see a name for it so I didn't know how to look it up.
    Thank you.
    Carla J Fisher

  9. Your ministry is going above and beyond to share that many hugs and quilts, it is a noble gesture that I am certain the recipients are grateful for.
    When I do my detach, where can I send items?
    Also, I would love pdf's of your lovely quilts. Thank you! And God bless your ministry.


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