Friday, May 24, 2019

Can I Get A Whoop Whoop? Not Quite Yet....

Hi, all!

How did Friday get here so fast???  I  have been spending my week nose deep in computer work, totaling up the quilt count for Hands2Help.  And wow, it's a great number - but I'm going to just quietly whoop over it right now and wait to share it with you on Sunday!

I haven't touched my sewing machine at all this week so it's up to you all - I'm waiting for you to get your whoop whoop on and inspire us all!  Let's get started!


And now it's your turn!

What's got you whooping it up this week?

What's making you do a little happy dance?

Share!  We want to dance right along with you,

And it's always more fun to dance with friends!

The party will stay open until Sunday midnight - 

Hope to see you there!



Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hand2Help 2019 -The Quilts Keep Rolling On!

Hi, all!

Oh, the emails I have been receiving, with pictures of beautiful quilts made even more beautiful because they were made to be given away!  Today I'm going to share all the pictures that have come in since Sunday, so let's get started!


Adele D. made these beautiful quilts - the first two are for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project...

...the next three went to Mercyful Quilts...

...and the last three went to Quilty Hugs.

Amanda R. made these two quilts for Jack's Basket...

...and Amber B. sent this quilt to Quilty Hugs!

Carol W. donated this quilt to a local charity.

Doris M. sent this cute little quilt to Jack's Basket!

Jan S. sent this beauty to Victoria Quilts Canada...

...and this fun quilt went to a local-to-her charity!

Jo O. sent this cutie to Jack's Basket...

...and Joanna P. sent this one to Quilty Hugs!

Karen M. made fourteen quilts for Jack's Basket...

...then topped it off by sending three quilts to Little Lambs Foundation for Utah, one of last year's charities!

Kathleen M. made these two for Jack's Basket...

...and Kathy C. made three quilts! The first two are for Jack's Basket, and the last is for Victoria Quilts Canada.

Kathy J. sent this quilt to Bernie at Mercyful Quilts...

...and this one to Emily at Quilty Hugs!

Lisa C. made this scrappy quilt for theCarolina Hurricane Quilt project.

Mary G. made this quilt for Jack's Basket...

...and this one for Quilty Hugs!

Mona R. made this quilt (another Supernova!) for Jack's Basket, using leftover HSTs from another project (isn't it cute?)

...and these four quilts went to Emily at Quilty Hugs!

Pat K. started out with these two quilts for Jack's Basket...

...and then when her local rescue squad saw what she was doing and asked for some, she made them these six!

Patricia E. sent two identical quilts to Jack's Basket.

Paula A. sent two quilts, plus some fun extras, to Jack's Basket...

...and then she made some more of those "extras" and donated them to Youth On Their Own, a charity that benefits teen parents!

Paula B. sent these three to a local charity.

Shruti V. made this cutie for Jack's Basket.

Ursula Y. chose to donate these two bright quilts locally...

...and Yvonne J. sent four quilts to Jack's Basket!


And here's the first batch of added quilts:

Arlyn P. sent these four to Jack's Basket...

...these two to Mercyful Quilts...

...and these two to Quilty Hugs!

Connie W. sent this beauty to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project...

...and donated these four locally.

Rita G. is sending this quilt to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project!

Sue R. sent these two quilt to the Caroline Hurricane Quilt Project...

...and sent these two to Jack's Basket!

Tracey B. sent these two to Quilty Hugs.

Trudie C. sent these two to Jack's Basket...

This one (plus one other, picture missing) to Mercyful Quilts...

These two went to a local charity...

(They look a lot alike, don't they?)

And finally, Trudie C. sent this quilt to Quilty Hugs!

And so ends the first update!


Batch number two (as the quilts keep rolling in!):

Cynthia D. sent four quilts to Covered in Love, a charity from a previous H2H Challenge.  I love that some of you keep donating to the chosen charities - it's part of the reason for featuring them!

Debbie D. sent this cute quilt to Jack's Basket...

...and this one went to Mercyful Quilts.

Sherry B. sent these three beauties to Quilty Hugs...

And Teri K. donated this quilt to the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project!

And that's it for the second update!


And now it's time for a third update (those quilts keep rolling on!)

Barbara S. made eight quilts this year, donated to two different UK charities...

Bonnie C. donated this beauty to a local charity.

Carol D. finished three quilts for Jack's Basket...

Carol K. made these two pretty little quilts for Jack's Basket.

Janet T. chose to donate this quilt locally.

And last but not least, Jean W. made this quilt to give someone a Quilty Hug!

And thus ends the third update!


And now for the fourth, and probably final, update - but who knows, there may be more!

Astrid R. made seven quilts for Mercyful Quilts...

Dar S. sent these two quilts to Quilty Hugs...

...and these two quilts to Quilts of Valor!

Darlene H. donated these two quilts locally...

...and Ilana J. donated this one to Jack's Basket!

Jackie L. sent this one to Quilty Hugs...

..and this quilt, made by Kate S., also went to Jack's Basket!

Nikki M. sent five quilts to Jack's Basket!

Susan S., working with a local team, made these four quilts for Quilty Hugs!

Suzanne D. sent this quilt to Mercyful Quilts...

...and the next three were donated locally!

And this final quilt was sent to Mercyful Quilts by Vasudha!


How's that for a goldmine of inspiration?  And since I started writing this post, more pictures have come into my inbox - but in the interest of getting this posted in time for BlogLovin' to pick it up for their daily email, I'm going to post now and add those later during the day - so be sure to come back again later and see if more have been added!  You are going to be blown away by this year's numbers - I sure am!

And on another note, I want everyone to know that I'm visiting every. single. linkup.  Unfortunately, on many (through no fault of you) I'm seeing this when I go to leave a comment...

See where it says "Comment as Google Account"?  Well, it should say my name there, or I should be able to choose my Google Account - but I can't change that, and any comment I leave goes off into NeverNever Land!  I have no idea what is causing this, and every attempt I've made to bypass it has failed.  So trust me that I've been by to see your post, your quilts are wonderful, and I appreciate you immensely!!

Remember, Friday 5/25 at noon the linky party for Hands2Help will close - so get those quilts linked up!!!