Whoop Whoop Fridays

Hi, all!  

Everyone needs a little encouragement - and that's why there's "Can I Get A Whoop Whoop?" Friday!

Here are the guidelines:

1.  If you did something crafty this week that you"d like a "Whoop Whoop" for, blog about it or post a pic on Flickr, then link up on Friday right here!  It"s not always possible to have a finish, I know, but maybe you conquered something that was standing in the way of a finish, like finally getting that invisible zipper put in, or sewing that stack of blocks into a flimsy.  Here's where you can celebrate your accomplishment!

2.  Put your name on your link-up - that way we can get to know each other a little better!

3.  Try to visit at least the link-up right before yours, and leave a comment!  After all, this is all about getting some blog-love and encouragement from our fellow bloggers!!  The more linked blogs you can visit and comment on, the better, but everyone understands that life gets in the way sometime!

4.  Grab the button (over to the right in my sidebar!) and put it in your sidebar - you can copy the code from the box right under  the button, then paste it into an HTML/Javascript gadget.

Not this button, the one in the sidebar!! ;-)

5.  Be sure to mention the party and put a link back to the linky post on your blog so other people can check out all the links and maybe even join in the fun!

I'll try to have the link set up starting at midnight Central Standard Time (US) on Friday, and run through midnight Central Standard Time (US) on Saturday, to give everyone time to link up!  

I'm hopeful that we'll be having some giveaways on Whoop Whoop Friday in the future, so don't ever hesitate to link up, no matter how small you feel your achievement is - you might win something!!

I'm excited!!  I hope you are too!!