Thursday, March 14, 2019

Hands2Help - Learn More About Quilty Hugs!

Hi, all!

I hope you're enjoying the change of pace this week as much as I am!  I have been fascinated to learn more about each of this year's Hands2Help charities. So far we've heard from Jack's Basket, Mercyful Quilts, and Victoria Quilts Canada.  Today, it's Emily's turn to tell us about her charity, Quilty Hugs!  Emily has been a part of the Challenge from the beginning, first as a participant and then additionally as one of our charities.  But she's got a lot to share - so let's give her a listen!


I can't tell you how grateful I am every year to Sarah and all the quilters of H2H.  Because of all of you, Quilty Hugs is able to comfort so many more battling cancer.  Sarah has given me the opportunity to tell you a little about Quilty Hugs. 

Quilty Hugs, like so many things in my life, fell into place miraculously.  I had filled out a survey at the Utah Quilt Guild Annual Meeting.  On the survey they had asked for ideas on charities the guild could help.  Because of events in my life that had landed me in the infusion lab, and consequently led me to meet the amazing Ginger.  I put down her charity, Happy Chemo.  I thought nothing more of it.  Fast forward a few months, and I got a call from the guild president.  She was interested in helping Happy Chemo and would I be willing to be in charge?  Well, I couldn't very well say no.  And I figured it was just for a year.  When my year was up, I couldn't believe how many quilts had been donated.  So much comfort given.  I just couldn't stop. 

So though the Utah Quilt Guild would pick a new charity for the new year,  I continued to collect quilts for Ginger and Happy Chemo.  I collected scraps and started sew-ins.  Sarah found out about what I was doing through my blog and offered her help though H2H.  Now just over a decade later Quilty Hugs is still giving comfort to those battling cancer.  

A few years back Ginger's cancer came back with a vengeance.  She had to let a few things go while she fought her battle.  With her many connections, she was able to help me find new homes for the Quilty Hugs that were then coming in through H2H. 

My front porch during H2H

Now Quilty Hugs get loaded up and are delivered to three primary places.  All children's quilts go to Primary Children's


Others go to the Rack Pack, where they are put in bags with other heart felt gifts and given to women battling breast cancer.

The rest head up to Huntsmen Cancer Foundation where they are freely handed out to patients.  Sadly, the demand is more than I can meet on my own.  So I am so grateful to all of you who help me.  Quilty Hugs are throw size quilts for men, women and children.  Sadly cancer does not discriminate who it ravishes.  These quilts are so appreciated.  Tears are often shed as they are received.  Thank you notes poor in.  If I'm able, I pass those on to the person who made the quilt.  A label on your quilt really helps with this, but is not necessary.  Thanks in advance for all those who give so generously.  Your time and talents are appreciated and make such a difference.


When I first started following Emily's blog, she had a thermometer in the side-bar showing how many quilts had been donated through her to (what was then) Happy Chemo.  It has been my great honor and privilege to help her reach her goal, which I think is to give everyone possible a quilty hug!  Quilty Hugs has been a perennial favorite with this group, as it seems everyone knows someone who has been touched by cancer.  I know I can count on you to continue supporting Emily's mission!

And if you want to know how to sign up for this year's Challenge, go to this post - the sign-up is about halfway down the post!  We've already got 188 people signed up (WOW!!!) but there's plenty of room for more!



PS  Happy Pi Day!  What's your favorite?


  1. I love reading all of these posts on the donation spots. It is so wonderful that people are celebrating life and all the sacrifice that goes with it.

  2. 188 quilters have signed up!!! Hooray for all of that generosity and kindness!!! I am so excited for this year's event. Quilty Hugs is yet another wonderful organization so deserving of these quilts.

  3. Quite the story-love the good that comes from pain.

  4. That's my quilt in the shopping bag! Working on another for this year.

  5. Everyone I've loved and lost has been to cancer, and I will do my best for this group, too. I'd make more and bigger if I had a longarm, but that's not yet.


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