Friday, March 15, 2019

Hands2Help - Learn More About the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project

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Well, Friday has come, and today we will learn more about our final Hands2Help 2019 charity.  Already this week, we've been educated about Jack's Basket, Mercyful Quilts, Victoria Quilts Canada, and Quilty Hugs.  Today, Carole will be sharing with us about the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project, a massive undertaking that she is coordinating.   Let's see what she has to say!


Thank you Sarah, for allowing this project to be a part of Hands2Help.  I am so grateful for the opportunity to reach more quilters.  The scope of the need is immense, so let me tell you about our efforts.

On September 12, 2018, Hurricane Florence slammed into the North Carolina coast bringing 100+ miles per hour winds and historic rainfall causing catastrophic flooding that lasted for days.  Florence moved inland and stalled for three days, continuing to dump rain on the disaster area of up to 30 inches.  Three days after that, on the 18th, the Cape Fear river crested at 62 feet above flood stage, contributing to more rising water downstream in already flooded areas.  It took weeks for the flooded areas to recede.  Then just about the time that things were finally drying out, on October 10, a second hurricane, Michael, made it to the NC coast, devastating those same areas again with water and wind damage, massive power outages and more destruction.  The latest reports are that over 4500 homes have been totally destroyed and more than 700,000 homes have sustained damage mainly by flooding.  Much of the damage is in areas where people had no flood insurance.

The Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project was born from the reports of all the damage, and a desire to do something meaningful for my home state.  The project is focusing on larger size quilts because each household can only receive one.  The need is so great that I fear most of the households will not get a quilt at all.  So, if you already have a completed new oversized throw you want to donate, please do.  But if you are making one new specifically for this project, please go for a larger size of twin, full or queen.

Quilts Donated at Cary Quilting Co

I know it is difficult to quilt the larger sizes for some, so I have arranged some help, in the hope that you will choose this charity event to help.  If you are working on a bed size quilt top that you cannot finish, I am compiling a list of longarm quilters all over the United States willing to quilt, bind and ship finished quilts to Wilmington.  Quilters willing to provide sewn tops in any design, twin size or larger and a backing 8-inches longer and wider will be matched with a longarm quilter.  Longarm quilters need to be willing to provide batting, quilting and binding, then ship to Wilmington.  Donations of money are accepted to assist with batting and shipping costs, as many longarmers are doing multiple quilts.  See my page Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project on my blog for forms, shipping addresses, drop off points for North Carolina residents, and more details.

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Whether you are making a quilt specifically for this drive, or you have one finished and sitting on a shelf in your home, all quilts welcome, in any design, quilted or tied, preferably twin size or larger up to king.  Partnering with the Catholic Charities organization for distribution ensures our quilts get to the people who need them most.   Do you have a bed size quilt just sitting in a closet that you could part with for someone who lost everything?  Can you help with the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project?


As a Carolina girl myself, this one tugs at my heartstrings.  My summers growing up were spent all over the state of North Carolina, visiting the coastal areas with my grandparents from their home in central NC, and visiting the mountains with my parents.  It is a place with such natural beauty, it hurt my heart to see all the damage from these two hurricanes.  But I can only imagine the devastation of those most personally affected by the storm's ravages.  I hope those of you who feel similarly will consider making a quilt or top for this worthy project!

And if you want to know how to sign up for this year's Challenge, go to this post - the sign-up is about halfway down the post!  We've already got a massive number of people signed up - about fifty more than last year this time (WOW!!!) but there's plenty of room for more!




  1. Thank you, Sarah!! I have posted about your event on my blog today, and encouraged readers to come sign up.

  2. The news moves on so swiftly from an event like this and the people there are still living with the effects of this last hurricane! This is a great way to send a message they aren't forgotten.

  3. Thanks for sharing great information about charities and fun scrappy tutorials! I make lots of charity quilts and appreciate seeing new ideas.

  4. This one is about 1/3 finished. Then quilting. It will have so much lovely space for beautiful quilting by someone.

  5. Hi, I've signed up twice for the Hands2Help project but I'm not sure if my registration went through. Thanks


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