Wednesday, March 20, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Using Your Scraps for Good!

Hi, all!

I really missed doing a scrappy post on Wednesday last week, and I've got TONS of scrappy sewing that I've been doing, but today I want to challenge you with something special.

There is a group in New Zealand called Angels in Gumboots that has set a goal of making 100 quilts using these blocks to be given to the families of the victims of the horrible mass shooting in Christchurch this past weekend.

Angels in Gumboots are collecting 6.5" blocks with green hearts on a white background.  Currently they have all the info in a Facebook post on their page (click here to be taken to that post) but this is the pattern they are using for these blocks:

I know that's tiny, but if you will click on the picture and save it to your drive, you should be able to print it out on a full page.  This is such an easy block, I made six of them in about an hour, including scouting for fabric, cutting and sewing them.  

A few scraps of white fabric, some 5" green squares, and you could make some too!  (There are some print/color combo restrictions, so please check out the info from Angels in Gumboots before making any.)  It's a great way to bust down some of your scraps and do good at the same time.

And as of the time I am writing this, an Instagram friend, @sewing_is_my_therapy (who lives in Arizona) is collecting blocks from the US to send to New Zealand, if you don't want to incur the international postage.  It would be nice if you threw in a buck or two to help her with the postage, but she's not asking for anything to help out.  Message her directly on Instagram (follow her first so she'll get your message!) and ask her for her mailing address.

I hope you'll join me in trying to bring some comfort to a grieving country.  It's wonderful to see people from all over the world working together on a project like this!  Kind of gives you all the feels, as my daughter would say.




  1. These are great little blocks; I hope they give comfort in a very horrid situation.

  2. Thanks for sharing the information about the Angels in Gumboots project. Everyone feels so hopeless when comfronted with news of a tragedy. Projects like this give the feeling of being able to offer comfort.

  3. What a great cause! I'm sure they will get a good response. Quilters are very generous!

  4. Thanks for spreading the word. It is such a hard time for many people/families and the country. I'm sure they will meet their goal with everyone's help.

  5. Thanks for the reminder! I have some GREEN fabric for blocks for the collection. Need to get busy and finish them!

  6. I am humbled by the huge world wide response. This morning on our Breakfast TV, the lady who is organising this spoke, and there are SO many countries involved. I have been donated some fabric samples, and these might go into quilts for the first responders, as there wasn't much green. I know quilters have very generous hearts, and for each block, there is love as well as stitches.

  7. Thank you for your support of this wonderful way to spread some love in our country. As Nancy said, it is very humbling to have such an amazing international response. I have lost track of how many hearts I have cut out and ready to stitch down so I had better get back to it. Thank you again for your loving support of New Zealand.


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