Monday, March 25, 2019

Make-A-List Monday - Looks Like Spring Has Sprung!

Hi, all!

Monday has rolled around once again, after a busy week!  And I actually did more than just quilting for a change.  Of course, some of it I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into, but it still counts, right?  And spring seems to have finally shown its face - beautiful sunshine and nice warm days - hooray!!!

Let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Finish a ministry quilt for a special request.
Done!  We had a special request for a purple quilt, which I didn't think we had - but lo and behold, there was one waiting to be quilted!  

2.  Make heart blocks for the drive for the Christchurch victims (more about this on Wednesday's blogpost.)
Done!  These are so quick and easy, and it appears that they are having a great response from other quilters who want to make blocks!

3.  Work on the vintage quilt.
In progress!  This is going to be a long term project, for sure!

4.  Quilt the solids On-Line quilt.
Done!  This turned out really cute!

5.  H2H administrative stuff - lots of emails!
Done!  I sent out second requests to sponsors who hadn't responded to my earlier request, and an informational email to all the participants who were signed up at the time.  IF YOU DIDN'T RECEIVE AN EMAIL, please check your spam folder first - if it's not there, please email me directly at salliesue57 (at) gmail (dot) com. 

6.  Sort out H2H prizes.
Whooee, the never ending task!  I still haven't made it through all of them, but I'm getting close!

7.  Taxes. (UGH)
Done, done, DONE!  It was a bit more complicated than I anticipated, not because of the taxes, but because I had to upgrade my operating system before I could run the program, which meant I had to backup my drive, which takes forever!  So what I hoped to get done on Tuesday didn't get done until Wednesday, but it's done!

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done! It was kind of a quiet week, with only one quilt given away - this one to a woman having serious complications after surgery.

Oh, and I almost forgot - the purple quilt shown in the answer to number 1 - that quilt went to a man whose wife died.  Purple was her favorite color and the person who requested the quilt wanted one that would remind the man of her.  A sweet thought, and I was so happy that we had something that worked perfectly!

I also quilted four more quilts for the quilt ministry, and put binding on those four and one other that another member quilted.

And, in a fit of total insanity, my husband and I decided to weed the  30 foot long front flower bed (which our yard guy, God bless him, had cleaned out at the end of last fall - it was packed full of iris corms, so tightly packed that you couldn't get a shovel into it!)  After weeding, we put down landscape cloth, mulch, and planted five burning bushes in it.  Boy were we sore when we finished!  I still want to add some rosebushes between the other bushes, to give both summer and fall color, but that's for later this week!

So not a bad week at all!  It sure felt good to get the taxes out of the way, and now I can play without guilt!  Here's what I'm hoping to get to this week...

1.  Finish sorting the H2H giveaway goodies and write the "Meet the Sponsors" post.

2.  Quilt at least one more quilt for the quilt ministry.

3.  Write an estimate for a t-shirt quilt.

4.  If approved, order fabrics and make blocks for the t-shirt quilt.

5.  Put together several twin size string tops for the ministry.

6.  Put Gypsy Wife on the quilt frame

7.  Keep working on the vintage quilt repair.

8.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

It feels like I'm forgetting something important, but maybe what I'm forgetting is to take time for fun!  So I'm glad I've put Gypsy Wife on the list - I'm looking forward to quilting that one!  I've got another wool batt on order (coming in tomorrow) and the back is all made, so I'm ready to get started.

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I've been enjoying the gardening scene, too. Owl quilt #2 is on the frame and being worked on instead of just hanging there! lol

  2. Busy week! Glad you had enough purple for the quilt. I bet it means the world to the man.

  3. Boy you get a lot of things done! Hope the H2H doesn't drive you crazy.

  4. We've got a chance of snow again on Saturday morning. Ugh! I'm ready for warmer weather.


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