Wednesday, March 6, 2019

I May Have A Scrap Problem... Welcoming March!

Hi, all!

Well, February is the shortest month, but it sure feels like it went by in a flash, doesn't it?  I don't feel like I accomplished much in the way of scrappy sewing, but here's a look back at the month to see what happened...

I posted a tutorial on piecing batting, and another one for this disappearing hourglass block...

I also started working on another string quilt when I needed some mindless sewing.  You can find a tutorial for this quilt here.

I had hoped to make lots of frankenbatting during the month, but it turned out I didn't do much quilting, so that fell by the wayside.  It's good to be flexible!  

For March, I think I want to do something that feels fun and not like work.  So my goal for this month will be to quilt my Long Time Gone quilt...

...and finish my Gypsy Wife quilt.  Both are serious scrap busting quilts, so I think it fits in well with the Scrap Attack theme!  

FYI, Gypsy Wife is actually further along than this, but I couldn't find a progress shot later than this one!  All my blocks are done, and I've started assembling the sections.

So that's what I'm planning on working on this month - what are your goals?  I'd also love to see what you've been working on the month.  I've seen lots of you making scrappy quilts in preparation for the Hands2Help Challenge (which starts this Sunday, by the way!) which is such a fabulous way to use up your scraps and help others at the same time!  So link up below and share!




  1. March, my goal is to try and fit in some sewing somewhere between the plumber, the gas installation, the demolition of a wall, a ceiling in the bathroom, and dust galore.And to make morning tea for the builder, plumber, painter, and electrician. Guess the last one will make sure to have the power on at 9.45 a.m.Love those blocks in Long Time Gone.

  2. I've been trying to clear out some fabric baskets. Again, I have quite a few baby quilts, and I've hardly made a dent in the basket. Somehow the fabric is very 'giving' - which is a good thing too :)!

  3. finish UFOs of course...but maybe a couple of small quilt starts?

  4. As soon as I finish the owl quilt, I am starting a whole new quilt-yippee! I like the gypsy wife one--that's quite a project!

  5. My goal for March is to get completely moved to Myrtle Beach and have my sewing room all setup so I can participate in H2H!! btw, I turned my disappearing hourglass blocks into pillow covers and DH liked them so much he told me to buy more batik fabric to make more!! whoop whoop!

  6. Working on a Quilt of Valor, and I have to get the top done soon! And then two more!!

  7. Well, I've been working on fixing machines...Ha! New bobbin cases, new lights and finally yesterday a working bobbin winder again. Your thread fritz actually got me thinking... awhile back a blogger had trouble with her new to her longarm and discovered finally that she was putting the bobbin in backwards. Then you didn't get your thread in the disc...I thought, ok..maybe I'm not threading something right. I read the manual which actually wasn't very clear and then just tried a different route with the bobbin winder and Walaa! it worked. It still isn't making sense to me because I'd swear that I was doing it the other way for the last 16 YEARS! but who am I to balk at success. I am quilting again and finished a large one last night :-) Yay!

  8. Love, love, LOVE this new String quilt!!! The alternately placed strips was a great way to add interest.

  9. I'm still working on my Gypsy Wife; we had a sew day on it yesterday (three of us are making GW, so we meet together & sew). I am working on the filler blocks; all of my main blocks are done. I'm getting there!

  10. Looks like you have had a really good month. I really like that hourglass tutorial and will have to study it.

  11. Love your hourglas tutorial and added it to my wish list to try it.March goal is make the block of the QALs I joined and try to finish the quilt I started last year.


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