Monday, May 10, 2010

Such An Exciting Few Days!

Hi, all!

We just had a big weekend - my daughter Nancy graduated with her master's degree from Cumberland University in Lebanon, TN, so we had a big celebration on Saturday!  Fortunately, we had absolutely perfect weather for an outdoor graduation - sunshine, a light breeze, and about 65 degrees.  Lilli even cooperated during the long ceremony and made it all the way to the end - but not without LOTS of yogurt covered raisins!  At least we managed to prevent her from going up to sit with her mama!

Then Sunday being Mother's Day, we went to Chris and Nancy's house after church for good lunch and a fun time with them before going to see Iron Man 2.  What a fun movie! Lots of stuff blowing up - you can't get better than that!!

I did get to do a little sewing this weekend, too - actually more cutting than sewing as I cut out the pieces for another Super-sized Shoo Fly quilt.  I managed to finish piecing the top today, but wasn't able to get any pictures as it was a little too rainy to hang the top up on my clothesline.  Maybe tomorrow...  But it is really pretty, I think.  Lilli approved, anyway!!  I also cut out a children's quilt today from some pretty Heidi Grace prints - very bright and cheerful.  Hopefully I'll finish piecing that one tomorrow.  I got a good start on it today!

My niece Heather also came to visit for a few days today.  She's between college and work - got finished with school for the semester last week and starts a new job next week, so she decided to come visit her Wicked Auntie!  Lilli knows her name is Heather, but for some reason insists on calling her Rachel (Heather's younger sister's name) I think just to annoy her!   We'll have to find some interesting things to do this week.....  Lilli has voted for going to see the horses at my neighbor's farm!

A busy week ahead - hopefully I'll have some pictures tomorrow!!




  1. congratulations are in order! I bet you're proud of your daughter's accomplishments! Have fun with your niece.

  2. Congratulations to your daughter! That's quite the accomplishment.

    I loved Iron Man but I've sort of sworn off sequels--they always leave me a little let down, for some reason. Glad to hear you enjoyed it though. DH is wanting to see it, and maybe he'll twist my arm. :)


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