Monday, February 14, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #34! Happy Valentine's Day!!

Hi, all!

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope you are having a wonderful day - we've had beautiful weather here this weekend (it was 67 degrees here yesterday!)  Such a change after the cold and snowy weather we've had this year - it really puts me in the mood for spring!  And spring makes me want to get creative!

I got a good bit done last week ......

1.  Work on blocks for a commissioned quilt. (Paying work - I love it!)
I made about 25 of these blocks (all I had the necessary ingredients for) so it's coming along nicely!

2.  Work on blocks for a red and white ministry quilt.
Done - the flimsy is completely finished and ready for quilting!

3.  Pull fabrics for our Saturday sewing get together - we're making mug rugs for our church group to take on a mission trip to Peru as gifts for the school teachers 
in the town they will be working in.
Done - we had a great time, and made a big pile of mug rugs!!

4.  Make a pillow by this pattern for Lilli for Valentine's Day!
Done!  I not only made this one for Lilli...

I made these two for Bill on Sunday!!

So what's on the to-do list for this week?

1.  Finish piecing the commission quilt.

2.  Quilt the commission quilt.

3.  Quilt the red and white ministry quilt.

4.  Quilt another ministry quilt.

5.  Finish hand stitching the binding on some of Saturday's mug rugs.

Whew!  I think that's enough for one week!  

* * * * * * * * *


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So - - - What are you working on this week?



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  1. String blocks for me---they are choice of drug for the next week or two OR three!! lol:)

  2. Isn't that red and white quilt lovely!?!?! I love it. I'm excited to see the commission quilt done. It looks very interesting and paid too. That is exciting! Good luck this week. And Happy Valentines day to you!!

  3. Holy Cow girlfriend! That is an ambitious list! LOVIN thos pillows too! Happy Sewing!

  4. LOVE the red and white quilt...AND the pillows. The blue and purple pillow is my favorite. =)

  5. Great job Sarah. Love that red and white quilt. I missed the Friday Whoop Whoop,(again) I can't seem to get my computer up and running. Might have to call in Super Tech (AKA oldest son)to help out.

  6. I've made a lot of commissioned photo quilts. I love what yours is looking like even this early on.

    That Elmo pillow is awful cute!

  7. You are a machine!! I will be carrying on with my Bliss quilt. Have just finished my baby quilt, but haven't had time to take photos yet.


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