Monday, February 28, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #36! Spring also means interrupted internet service....

Hi, all!

I love spring - but I hate one thing about it - the wild weather we have here in Middle Tennessee usually means that our internet service is in and out - which is what has been happening all weekend and all day today!  If you've left a comment on a blogpost and I haven't responded, it's not because I don't care - it's because my internet is on the blink!

It's also delayed my list-making for Monday - but now's the time!  Here's how I did on last week's list....

1.  Make a secret gift for someone who shall remain nameless...(because she may be reading my blog!)

Done!  Here's my daughter's birthday present, which was designed by my granddaughter using Legos!  It finished out at about 32" square...

Here's a picture of the label I made using  I took a picture of the lego creation and added the wording and border...

2.  Quilt a man's quilt with straight line quilting before I move my Juki back to the quilting frame.

Done!  This quilt was delivered last week...

3.  Put the red and white ministry quilt on the frame and quilt it!

Done!  I've got to hand stitch the binding down as soon as I get this posted...

4.  Pull fabrics for two children's quilts for the ministry.

Done!  The first pile is for an I-Spy quilt for a 7-year old boy, and the other is for a quilt for a 10-year old girl.

This week I also pieced together a stack of already-made blocks into a double irish chain top (sorry, no picture yet!), and I quilted this lovely quilt that my friend Tracy made for our youth minister, who is leaving to go work at another church.

The back is the neatest part, though - all the kids in the youth group signed it on Wednesday night, leaving wonderful messages telling Chase how much he meant to them over the years.  And take a look at her pieced border!  Isn't that gorgeous?

I think Chase liked it...  ;-)

So that's what I did last week.  Whew!!

Here's my new list...

1.  Finish the red and white ministry quilt.

2.  Cut kits for the two children's quilts.

3.  Assemble the childrens' quilts, or pass them on to someone else to assemble.

4.  Make bee blocks and get them in the mail.

5.  Piece a back for the double irish chain quilt and get it quilted.

OK - I think that's enough to keep me busy for a while!  

So - - - what are you working on this week??

PS - there's still time to enter the Whoop Whoop Friday giveaway, even if you can't link up any more this week.  Be sure to check it out here - and be ready to link something up this coming Friday!!




  1. The birthday quilt is fantastic!!

  2. Whew, great job! We didn't lose our internet, but when it storms, I turn everything off. That left me time to cut fabrics for a paper-pieced quilt. The distraction of the computer sometimes gets me off track. But also inspires me to get moving!

  3. The birthday quilt is awesome! How did you do the label just print it using you printer onto fabric? The colors on the label look just as vibrant as the picture! I'm making another pillow using a different tut this week (it's addictive) and I am going to try and get caught up again in the block-a-palooza. I did manage to finish 2 blocks for the bee I'm in (my first) already this week.

  4. How DID you do that label? Last I heard (or paid attention) you couldn't wash labels printed on printers and/or they faded with time. Also, Chase's quilt is just wonderful. I think if it were mine, the side with the writing would be up permanently. Great week for you last week. I'm just trying to get one quilted and it's like swimming upstream during a spring flood. I've already got so many thread breaks marked it looks like part of the quilt design ;)

  5. LOVE the quilts! ALL OF THEM! They are amazing. I thought the writing on the back of the one was such a great idea. I would have never thought of that.

  6. Thanks for adding your quilt to the online exhibit. I am in total awe of all that you accomplish!


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