Sunday, February 13, 2011

Surfin' Sunday - Featuring Dotty Jane Designs!

Hi, all!!

Here we are at Sunday again - and I am excited to introduce you to another great blog - Dotty Jane Designs!

Try as I might, I couldn't find a picture of Vicki on her blog - she appears to be as camera shy as I am!  But there's sure a lot of beautiful eye candy on her blog - - - like this - - -

or this - don't you just love those duck foot prints? - -

- - - check out this one - - -

- - - - I so need one of these mixer covers - - - -

- - - and how about this cutie! - - -

- - - -  I love these spools!!

Vicki is a near neighbor - she lives in a town not too far from me - but we've yet to get together in real life!  Hopefully soon, I'll get to meet this very creative lady and pick her brain for great ideas - but for now I'll just have to stay tuned to her blog.  I hope you'll check out her blog too - I think you'll enjoy it!!



PS - Be sure to hop over to Lily's Quilts - she's just published her first Moda Bake Shop treat using Sherbet Pips and she's giving some away!  


  1. I found a pic of her, but no giveaway:) Thank you for sharing her blog:)

  2. I take about one good picture in 1000, so that's why you couldn't find one! Thanks for the feature, Sarah, and I promise I'll get up your way soon!

  3. I enjoy visiting with Vicki via our blogs. She's made some really cute stuff this past year!

  4. OOO, always enjoy reading a new blog - thanks for the recommendation!


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