Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Toddlerless Tuesday #19! Gettin' Better All The Time.....

Hi, all!

It's Tuesday again - and I managed to both load and quilt a quilt on my quilting frame!  Slowly but surely, it's getting easier to do this.

A valuable lesson learned today - the back of the quilt goes on with the right side DOWN!  I had the back 3/4 pinned on, then realized that while I was admiring the back, I shouldn't have been able to see it!  Oh, well, live and learn!  I don't think I'll make that mistake again.   This quilt is made with some more of the blocks we made at our January sewing class, and I backed it with some moose print flannel for warmth.

And I finally got some extra bobbins, so maybe I won't run out of filled bobbins with the next quilt I work on.....

So that's what I did with my Toddlerless Tuesday - hopefully I'll be able to use my Tuesdays to get not only one quilt quilted, but another loaded up in the future.  Practice definitely makes it easier!



PS.  Be sure to check out the giveaway over at {House} of A La Mode - it's a good one!!

And the giveaway over at Lucky Duck Dreams!!  Fabric for the lucky winner!!


  1. Good for you...no telling how many quilts you will finish this year with the new toy. It just takes a little practice..so say I who has yet to touch a long-arm.....

  2. It's looking great, Sarah! What kind of thread do you quilt with? I like to know what works for people. I've got to find some extra bobbins for my Juki too, so I can have more wound to start with. So glad you figured out your upside down backing before you started quilting!

  3. I am so jealous of you and your long arm! You'll be whizzing them out before you know it.

  4. I thought I was the only one to do things like that:) Glad you didn't start quilting it!

  5. oh wow....I'm so glad you noticed before you started quilting!!

  6. The learning curve often has this strange shape: the first go at something works well. Then you start finding out all the ways in which you can make mistakes. That's how it was with me too. One thing that you might watch is this: Keep an eye on the friction of the takeup roller on the bed of the sewing machine. As that roller gets fatter, one seems to get used to the machine needing more effort to move until you realize it. Then you adjust and suddenly the machine moves too easily and the next row is a bit crazy. That one catches me often.

  7. I would have been very frustrated with myself at that point. Glad you are using your frame now :)

  8. That quilt is just gorgeous. I will have to use color combinations like that one day.

  9. so, how is your Juki working out? I have yet to find a shop around here to try one out myself :( and may have to wait till this summer when I go out to CA to visit, unless I bite the bullet and buy site unseen :)


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