Friday, July 8, 2011

Can I get a Whoop-Whoop?? Start Your Engines.....

Hi, all!

Does it seem like Fridays come a lot sooner on holiday weeks?  I really had to scamper today to get something to post for Whoop Whoop Friday - but I'm ready, finally!  Of course, it decided to rain just about the time I got things ready for pictures, so you'll have to suffer with bad pics - sorry!

First of all, today I quilted the Great American Jelly Roll Race quilt that I pieced last week.  I found a great piece of fabric I bought from Connecting Threads for the back - it's a beautiful blue water print, and really works well with the front!  And a bright two-tone green stripe for the binding...

I'll still be sewing the binding down tonight after I finish this post, but such is the penalty for being the one who hosts the Friday party!!  But it should be done by tomorrow morning....

And now I have a little story to tell you.  About a year and a half ago, when we started sewing classes at church, I suggested to a new friend of mine (Kathy) that she might like to come join us.  She told me that she couldn't sew, and she had proof!  She took a sewing class once, and after seeing how she was doing, the teacher said, "You know, you can buy things ready made!"  Well, that really set me off, and I finally talked her into coming to class.  Since then, she's not only learned to sew, she's made three quilts!  She's now my go-to person when someone tells me they'd love to come, but they can't sew - she's my proof that they can!

I tell you this because I had some things come up that are going to keep me from teaching the little girls how to make a quilt next week during summer camp.  I started to cancel, but then thought I'd ask my sewing sisters if any of them could step up and take it over for me.  Imagine my surprise and utter delight when Kathy called me up right away to tell me that she'd be glad to do it!  I feel like such a proud quilt-mama!!  Not only does she now sew, but she feels confident enough to teach others!!!  

So that's why I finished this quilt today, and will deliver it to church tomorrow along with this beautiful pile of jelly rolls.... 

...put together for us by the lovely Marita of The Quilter's Path, our new local quilt shop in Mount Juliet.  (You can read more about her shop here!)  This way Kathy will not only have the supplies, she'll have a sample to show the girls what they will be creating.  I just know they're going to make some beautiful quilt tops for the quilt ministry!!

So that's my whoop whoop for the week - not just the quilt, but the awesomeness of my friend Kathy!!  

Now it's your turn to share - what have you been working on this week?  Remember, it doesn't have to be a finish - just let us know what you're proud to have accomplished!!




  1. How super is that! You should be a proud sew-mama. And I love the Jelly Roll quilt - the girls are going to have such fun.

  2. That is really cool that your student is now confident to be a teacher. I love hearing stories like that.

  3. What a cute looking quilt and how fun. Sorry to hear you can't teach the class, glad some one stepped up to help you out and cover it so those little ones get to have a great experience. As always thanks for the link up!

  4. The Great American Jelly Roll Race -- I've decided to gather up a couple of quilting buds and do that! Fun, mindless, instant gratification. Love the fabrics you used. I have a neighbor, Kathy too, who has caught the quilting bug, isn't that fun! And thanks for the heads-up about the new quilt shop, gonna have to check it out next time I head West!

  5. What a wonderful thing you've done for so many people!!! It's great that Kathy is confident enough to now teach the younger girls. It's also great that you gave her that confidence!!
    I love the quilts!

  6. Go Kathy! A little encouragement can go a long way:)

  7. What a GREAT story about sewing!

  8. Mom and I did the Great Jelly Roll yesterday. I think we would took the longest ever 2hrs. We are a little slow. What I cut out it looks great,I'll put a picture of it on my blog, now I have to cut her a jelly roll out.
    Kathy will do fine next week. She will be a good teacher to other by doing this.

  9. Love the quilt and love the story! For YEARS I was known for stating that "I couldn't sew a straight line." my sister in law kept after me...and shock of all shocks...I am a quilter!

  10. Beautiful!

    So awesome that you have such a great support network & Kathy's story is lesson for everyone who says "i can't" about stuff (not just sewing).

  11. So fun to see your quilt "mama" success. Life is all about playing it forward. I taught 4-H sewing for 9 years (back in the day) I still get letters and messages from them thanking me for teaching them to sew~! Great spring-y colors in your jelly roll quilt!!

  12. Very colorful quilt and an inspiring story. Let's have a Whoop Whoop for the teacher!

  13. That is really one of the best stories. We learn a similar "mantra" in med school, "See one, Do one, Teach one". You have come full circle on that one, and now, so has your friend and "former" student. What more could you ask!!!

  14. What a nice story- so glad that Kathy has found the joy of quilting. It really is a great way to satisfy the urge to create. You did a very nice thing- it must warm your heart- it certainly warmed mine.

  15. Another beautiful quilt, Sarah! And so cool about Kathy learning to sew AND now teaching it. :-)


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