Monday, July 4, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #54! Happy 4th of July!!

Hi, all!

Monday, and a holiday, too!  We've had an awesome holiday weekend so far, and hope to top it off with some more boating today, and a cookout with our daughter and son-in-law and our lovely granddaughter!  I hope you've each had a wonderful weekend, too.

But it's also the start of a new week, and that means checking up on last week's list and starting a new one!  Here's how I did last week....

1.  Finish the blocks for the blue ministry quilt.
One of the other ladies in the quilt ministry wanted 
a quilt to work on, so I handed this one over to her
after completing eight blocks.  I'll have an update
on this one as soon as she gets back to me!

2.  Make a back for my Jacob's Ladder quilt.
Well, I cheated a little bit here - I went and bought
some 108" wide plain white muslin for the back!
Now to sandwich and quilt it....

3.  Make a "Great Jelly Roll Race" quilt.
Done!  Well, at least the flimsy!  And it was so
quick and easy - I'm excited about this design!! 
I'm going to use it in my sewing class with the
third-grade girls week after next at Summer Camp!!

4.  Work on the twister quilt.
Done!  This is such a cute idea - but really wasteful
on fabric. I love the little quilt I ended up with, but 
probably won't do too much more with the 
twister template because of the waste.....

I also received six beautiful flimsies for the quilt ministry from Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts....

...and sewed borders on five of them to bring them up to size.  Amazingly, I had great fabrics for the borders in the stash, all except for the black border on one - I actually had to go to the store to buy solid black fabric!  But it's so lovely to have six quilts all ready for the quilting machine - a chance to get ahead on ministry quilts!  Thanks, Sharon!!!

I also cut out a Christmas present - a quilt for my lovely granddaughter using Sherbet Pips!  I've started piecing the top, but haven't gotten too far yet....

And now, for next week's list...

1.  Quilt at least one ministry quilt.

2.  Piece backs for the six new flimsies.

3.  Work on Lilli's quilt.

4.  Clean off the sewing table!

5.  Get a sample of Hobbs 80/20 batting.

6.  Pick up jelly rolls for the Summer Camp sewing class.

I think that's enough for the week - here's hoping I can get all of it done!  

So - what are you working on this week?



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  1. Your GD is just going to love the Pips quilt - such a cute line of fabrics. Love your Jelly Roll quilt - a fun project and your camp class should really enjoy it - hope we get to see pics of all the tops. Enjoy your 4th.

  2. I'm working on my Santa blocks. They are due on July 11th. I'm busy pretty much every day before then. I hope I get them done.

  3. I wondered that about the twister blocks -love the look but the waste makes the frugal quilter in me have palpitations....

  4. I love the Twister blocks too. I use the leftover scraps from cutting the blocks to make yo-yos. Just add them to my collection to use on another, or the same quilt.

  5. Love the "Race" quilt turnout:):)

    6 tops from Sharon--she rocks!!! They look beautiful!

    Sherbet Pips quilt for that cutie girl---neat-O!!!

  6. Sherbet Pips is perfect from your granddaughter. And I love your jelly roll race quilt!

  7. Love your jelly roll quilt. I have been wanting to make one, hope I can get to it soon.

  8. Your jelly roll quilt is so cute! I bet the girls at camp will enjoy learning to make theirs!
    Sharon sure turns out the quilts, doesn't she? And they're so pretty!
    Jacque in SC


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