Monday, July 11, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #55! The Dog Days of Summer...

Hi, all!

Well, the dog days of summer have arrived - no matter how hard my air conditioner worked this afternoon, it couldn't get my sewing studio down below 78 degrees!  But that's ok - it's never too hot to sew!!

Let's check and see how I did on last week's list....

1.  Quilt at least one ministry quilt.
Done!  I quilted my Great American Jelly Roll Race quilt..

2.  Piece backs for the six new flimsies.
Done!  Now I have a stack of ten quilts waiting to load 
on the frame!

3.  Work on Lilli's quilt.
Done!  I have finished the center of the flimsy - 
I only need to locate some yardage for a border 
to bring it up to twin size!

4.  Clean off the sewing table!
Massive fail - it doesn't look a bit better 
and probably looks a lot worse 
than last week when I wrote this on the list!!

5.  Get a sample of Hobbs 80/20 batting.
Done!  Not only did I get a sample, but my friend Marita
from our new local quilt shop ordered a bolt of 120" x 30 yards for me for about $120 plus shipping! Woohoo!!

6.  Pick up jelly rolls for the Summer Camp sewing class.
Done!  Aren't these pretty?

Now, this week will be a much simpler week - I've got a ton of stuff going on this week that will keep me from my sewing table, I'm afraid!  But here's what I'd like to get done...

1.  Order border material for Lilli's quilt.

2.  Work on hexies for Christmas table runner.

3.  Load and quilt at least one of the ministry quilts.

4.  Start organizing ministry quilt patterns 
into booklet form.

I think that will be it for me this week, but hey, at least it's something!  What are you planning on working on this week?




  1. You amaze me getting so much done!! I am trying to get my handwork ready for after my toe surgery on Friday.
    Also get house clean and things ready for DH. As I will be off my feet for a bit. Hot/humid here in VA as well but we did get some much needed rain!!!
    Have a grand week!

  2. I just love your photos! Your Jelly ROll Quilt has a glow to it! I hope to keep my week lite too. Finish the little piece done over the weekend, finish a UFO, and hand off a large quilt to the long armer. So lots of play time.

  3. My sewing room is on the third floor, and it is always hot up there this time of year too, no matter how much the a/c is running.
    my list:
    1. will get the rest of the turquoise and white strips sewn together, and cut out.
    2. get the kaleidoscope quilt top pieced together.
    3. Work on the RRCB............never ending!
    very short list this week for me.

    you watch to see what i do get done on my blog at

  4. LOVE Lilli's quilt - I'm just crazy about turquoise and red together. Good luck with your ambitious list!!

  5. Lilli's quilt is beautiful! I've seen a lot of designs with Sherbet Pips lately but I really love yours!

  6. Hey! You're getting a bolt of batting!! Yay for you!! You do enough quilting that this is WAY more cost effective. Congrats!

  7. your jelly roll quilt is beautiful..the colors in it are my favorite!

  8. Lilli's quilt is going to be so cute! Stay cool and have a good week.

  9. Love, love, Lilly's quilt!! I may have to make one for my little Zia Kate. Great work on your list as always! My list is:

    1. finish quilt top for Niece's baby blanket
    2. Start on the back
    3. finish back on a friends baby blanket
    4. sandwich it together & get it ready quilted.

    That's going to be a challenge for me since I have the G-babies during the week.

    Blessing to you this week my friend!!


  10. love the jelly roll quilt Sarah!

  11. The jelly rolls are lovely! Love all that you have done. Wish I was half as productive.


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