Monday, July 18, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #56! The Stars Aligned.....

Hi, all!

Well, I thought I wouldn't get a lot done last week, but I did!  It turned out to be a much more fruitful week than I anticipated.  Of course, having Lilli Thursday night, all day Friday, and Friday night was an experience - do you know that three-year olds NEVER stop moving?  At least, until they pass out!  By the time Lilli went to bed Thursday night, Bill and I were ready to pass out too.........

But let's see how I did on last week's list....

1.  Order border material for Lilli's quilt.
Done!  And thanks to the Fat Quarter Shop, I've
already got it - now to put on the borders...

This is really gray, I promise!!

2.  Work on hexies for Christmas table runner.
I did get to work on these - forgot to take a picture, 
though!  But it's coming along nicely...

3.  Load and quilt at least one of the ministry quilts.
And here's the good one - I not only quilted one,
I quilted four!!!

This quilt is finished and has been delivered
to a lady suffering from depression...

This quilt, which I'm calling the Newspaper Quilt
(because it's black and white and red all over!)
is quilted, and I hand-stitched the binding down this morning!

This quilt is almost done - my friend Cindy
worked on the binding this morning, and there's
just a little left to do, which I'll finish tonight..

And this one's quilted, and the binding's ready
to be put on - it's the next project on the stack!
All of these quilt tops were donated by the lovely Sharon of Vrooman's Quilts!  Thanks, Sharon!!

4.  Start organizing ministry quilt patterns 
into booklet form.
Begun!  I've copied patterns from magazines and books
that we've already made up, and organized the printed
ones that I've put into kits.  Now to get permission to
print some of them from their original designers!

I also made this cute sleeve for my laptop computer...

..with fabric I scored at the quilt show in Paducah!

So now - what's on tap for this week?

1.  Put the border on Lilli's quilt.

2.  Piece a back for Lilli's quilt.

3.  Bind the fourth quilted ministry quilt.

4.  Quilt at least one more flimsy!

5.  Make my bee blocks for Nicole....

And I think that's enough for the week!  

So the question now is......what are you working on this week?



PS - be sure to stop by and see Shawna at 1Choice4Quilting - she's having a great giveaway!!!  Amelia and Hometown are up for grabs....


  1. OH, Sarah, you just made my heart soar - the quilts look so wonderful and I am glad that they are already on their way to wrap someone in need of a hug and cheer.

  2. The quilts look great. Bella, my granddaughter, turned three a couple of weeks ago. Tom and I watched her for a week while her parents were gone. We are still recovering. LOL They do not stop moving or talking. Bella narrates her life while living it. But aren't they such a great joy?

  3. You got lots done! Congrats. The quilts are really nice.

  4. Great laptop cover! You are always so productive :) The quilts are gorgeous too. Looking forward to seeing Lilli's quilt when it's done!

  5. You sure do get a lot accomplished in one week. I made a list today too, but it involves blocks not whole quilts. WOW! You are fast. Congrats on all the finishes and God bless you for your ministry work.

  6. I so love those quilts! They are gorgeous!! And that laptop cover - gorgeous!!!

  7. The Newspaper quilt is my fave:) I am at the binding stage too now---then two finishes. Isn't it glorious to say "another finish!"

  8. Another bunch of gorgeous quilts! The laptop cover is simply delightful. :-)

  9. That's a really big list of To Dos. Now I know why I struggle to get one block done in a week. I need a list!!.....Grin. Just love all your work.


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