Monday, January 9, 2012

Make-A-List Monday #77! A New Year....

Hi, all!

Well, it's a new year - and time to clean up that studio and get a fresh start on all those ongoing projects!  So far neither of those things has gotten done, but I'm hopeful....  It would be so nice to finish up some of my UFOs this year!  But ministry quilts come first, of course.  

Here's what I'm going to be working on this week....

1.  Cut out a quilt for a boy with Hodgkins' lymphoma.

2.  Put borders on a donated quilt center for a man's quilt.

3.  Make a backing for that same quilt.

4.  Organize and put away some of the fabric in my studio!

I think that's enough for this week - maybe I'll get more done than that, but the Bug is coming over for a sleepover on Friday night, and my Sewing Sisters are coming over Saturday morning, so I'm not holding my breath!  

And since this post is short on pics, here are some pics of my favorite girls...

 Lilli on Christmas morning with her Sherbet Pips quilt....

Daughter Nancy, excited that she doesn't have to steal 
the Charlie Brown quilt now!

And just because I came across this pic and remembered how much I love it, here's a blast from the past....

It's amazing how fast they grow up, isn't it?

So what are you working on this week?




  1. Oh, what a cutie pie!! Since I am so far ahead with the monthly list - this week I will help my SIL with a baby quilt she wants to make for her neice.

  2. Hi Sarah, No lists here, as I only would be frustrated at what I did not do. So for me? Just one thing, and that's not a list IMHO: as soon as my backing gets in, sandwiching and quilting Splinter's Delight!

  3. Your daughter certainly looks like she loved her quilt. How about Lilli? Did she like it? She's been surrounded by quilts for a long time now. Perhaps it'll take her some time before she comes to how it was made just for her. She sure is getting big; not a baby anymore. I've gotten my twin quilts quilted Sunday and yesterday and I'll be quilting a community quilt and filling 3 pant orders.

  4. Your girls are beautiful and so are their quilts!

  5. I've been a good girl (ha ha) and have been focusing on the end of year accounting and filing. Next is a good cleaning in the sewing studio. I have about 6 WIP's that need to be finished and quilted. Glad the girls loved their quilts!

  6. Good luck on your list. Have fun with your friends and Bug.

  7. Cute pictures... impressive list as always... my goal for the week is to get my UFO leaves quilt done as well as a set of pot holders that have been sitting around, and not get too distracted by the new quilt I started this weekend.

  8. Love the pictures!!!! You are right they do grow up way too fast.

  9. My list keeps getting adjusted. So far, I want to finish my January AAQI quilt,finish and mail my friends wall hanging quilt, quilt my 15 Min Play BOM quilt, make one or two more wonky houses, start hand quilting my Bayou Sunset wall hanging quilt.

  10. I bet she LOVED her Sherbet Pips quilt. So cute!! (all those girls too!)

  11. Working on a maple leaf table runner.

    Glad to see you getting back into the thick of it, Sarah!

    Your girls are real cuties!

  12. What a cutie, it is amazing how fast they grow up. My granddaughter is working her way towards 2 and it seems like yesterday that she was born! I haven't been working on ANYTHING for over a month now. I've had a major case of the blues, down in the dumps or whatever you want to call it, and haven't done any quilting for a while. Haven't decided if it's the weather, my work, or the fact that my sewing room should be condemned, so much clutter. Guess I just need to get back in there and get to work!

  13. Oh my. Great now and then pics of your daughter Nancy. She seems to really love her new quilt. I have been working on making a few clutch handbags this week.

  14. Lilli really looks like her mama, doesn't she? Cute pictures of everyone. And you, lady, are now back to being able to cut and sew? Yay!! Glad things seem to be going well.

    I finished the scrappy/string Dresden wall hanging. Other than that, not much doing in the sewing room this week yet. I've got to repair some PJs for my dad. Exciting--NOT.

  15. What an adorable picture! Those memories are priceless!


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