Monday, August 21, 2017

Make-A-List Monday - Total Eclipse of the Sun!

Hi, all!

I sure hope you were somewhere you could see the total eclipse of the sun today - it was totally amazing!!!  It took a couple of hours out of my workday, but it was absolutely worth it.  I remember an eclipse when I was a kid, but back then we used pinhole "cameras" that allowed us to see the sun's image on a piece of paper - this was definitely better!!  Here's some pics I took from the event...

It was a little less sunny than usual at the beginning of the eclipse...

...but this is what it looked like at the moment of totality!

It's not a great picture, but you can see the moon blocking the sun in this picture...

And this pic is so cool!  It's amazing what you can do with filters on your phone!

And this last pic is the sun coming through the trees on our deck right after totality.  Isn't that odd?  But I saw lots of people showing the same kind of pictures.  Except for those few minutes of totality, this was the coolest part of the eclipse for me!

OK, now it's time to get back to the real world!  Let's see how last week's list went...

1.  Quilt the final two quilts for Hands2Help.
Done!  And apparently I was so excited to finish these, I forgot to take pictures of them!  But here's a pic of one right after I finished the binding...

And in addition to the two H2H quilts, I finished this quilt for Stash Builder Box's Heartbuilder program!

2.  Complete the Free Spirit Fabrics design and figure out fabric requirements and cutting directions.
Done!  And I'm well into the construction of the quilt.  This is fun!!

3.  Work on the next Gypsy Wife block.

4.  Meet with a new customer about a horse show ribbon quilt.
She had to reschedule, so that's on the list for this week again!

 5.  Mail the twins' baby quilts.
Done, and they've been received and she loved them!!

6.  Do some blog maintenance.
Done!  If you notice at the top of my blog, there's a button for 12 Days of Christmas in July Links - the hyperlinks for each of this year's posts are there now!

7.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.
Done! It was a little bit quieter this week...

This quilt went to an elderly woman dealing with breast cancer...

This quilt went to a woman just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer...

This quilt is for a 2-year old girl with kidney cancer...

...and this quilt went to a woman having back/neck surgery.

A busy week and a list well-done!  Here's what's on tap for this week...

1.  Keep working on the quilt for the Free Spirit Fabric project.

2.  Quilt a top for a friend.

3.  Start pulling together a fundraising project.

4.  Finish the flyer for our local quilt show.

5.  Quilt one of my UFO tops for the fundraiser.

6.  Keep working on the Gypsy Wife blocks.

7.  Pull together projects to take on vacation next week.

8.  Keep working on blog maintenance.

9.  Meet with the new client who wants a quilt made of her horse show ribbons.

10.  Keep up with any quilt ministry needs that come up.

Definitely more than enough to keep me out of trouble this week!  So now, the question is...

What are YOU working on this week?




  1. Enjoyed your eclipse photos. Thanks for sharing. We were at about 86% eclipse here, so we didn't get quite so dark, but it was noticeably cooler. Have enjoyed seeing photos from folks in different areas. Also, I love seeing your ministry quilts.

  2. your photos of the eclipse are very good I am sure I have never seen one though maybe as a child and I have forgotten. Once again plenty of quilts have been donated to poorly people you are such a champion at thi great cause.

  3. Great eclipse photos. Here, we got only a partial eclipse. I managed to get a fairly good photo by holding the camera out the door and guessing where to aim, lol (no protective glasses so I could not look at the sun/sky). The quilts are beautiful, as always :)

  4. You have done a wonderful job of keeping up with your quilting. I enjoyed looking at all of them but I have to say that the little pile of shreds from trimming caught my eye. Do you save them and, if so, what are you planning to do with them?

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  6. The eclipse was great!! Can you send me some of your energy lol. I have managed to sew a little bit this week. I have put the 25 flower power blocks together from a swap I did and also made a slip for a friends granddaughter. Now I have to get the flowers put on another ministry quilt we are giving to a girl at church that has some health issues.
    Happy Stitching!

  7. we didn't get the full eclipse here but enough to be happy with it. I'm mainly working on two quilts right now trying to get WIP's caught up and canning at the same time.

  8. Thank you for sharing your eclipse photos. It was totally overcast here, no chance of seeing any of it but apparently the sea birds all partied at the moment of totality :-)
    I finished some table runners and a little quilt for my sister and forgot to take pictures :-0 but she was happy with them so I am too :-)
    This morning I'm working on a table runner for me and watching a skunk across the street that better just stay over there and not come smell up in my yard. It's hot and we have all the windows open. LOL

  9. The eclipse WAS incredible. I agree with you - the shadow snakes are so cool. One of my favorite parts of the whole thing. As always the quilts are beautiful. You sure do have a lot on the list for this week. I am trying to get ready to start my first ever t-shirt quilt. That may be all I get done besides the binding on a baby quilt.

  10. You are truly inspiring. Along with quilt tutorials perhaps you could do a series on time management?


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