Sunday, February 7, 2010

And a Good Time Was Had By All!!

Hello, all!!

Well, Saturday's sewing group meeting was a rousing success - I think we had seventeen ladies show up to sew!! Next month we may have to move it to church so we have more working space, but we had a good time, even trying to work on top of each other. A couple of the ladies worked on finishing up the quilts from last month - here's a picture of Katy with her completed quilt. She made this entire quilt by herself - great job!!

Everyone was hard at work on their projects - a toddler pinafore, a "not-so-ugly" trash bag, a child's messenger bag, a craft apron, a purse, two shopping bags, a hanging wall pocket, a quilted lunch bag - and maybe some others that I'm missing! Certainly a wide variety of things, but each had one thing in common - they all take less than a yard to make. Great for using up a fabric stash!!

Cassie was working so hard she didn't have time to talk with her hands! and Hilary made an adorable pinafore...
Here's Patsy working on one of the Quilts for Kids quilts, and Christy hard at work on her project:
Brandy worked on a messenger bag and did a great job! She's learned so much since she started last fall....

And tonight, during the Super Bowl, I worked on the last quilt from our January project, and tried something new! After stitching in the ditch around each square, I did free-form quilting inside the squares, putting a flower in the center surrounded by loops and swirls. I think it looks pretty good - not perfect, but I like it for a first attempt! Here's some pics:

Well, the game is over and I'm about out of steam - I think I'll finish this quilt tomorrow. All it needs now is the binding and it will be ready to wash before shipping. Looks like we'll be taking pictures soon of the whole group of quilters with their quilts...then it's off to the post office to send them on to Quilts For Kids!!



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  1. Hate I missed this looks like so much fun! And I love the idea of a mixed media class!


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