Monday, February 8, 2010

Hello, all!!

Well, I fell off the wagon a few days ago and picked up a piece of fabric I had no particular use for off the remnant rack - but I'm pleased to say that today I actually used that piece of fabric to make an adorable pinafore for my granddaughter! Quick and easy, too - I'll probably make quite a few of these! It's just too cute - open in the back, you just slip it on over jeans and a tee shirt and tie it in the back - it really dresses her up and covers up any breakfast stains on her shirt! And it not only used up fabric, it used up some ribbon I had stashed away....

When I started cutting out the pieces for this pinafore, Lilli asked for "fabric" so I gave her the scraps as I cut. She played with them for quite a while, asking for more every so often - I don't know what she made, but she took it off and put it where she saves things, so it must be one of her "creations"!

Finished the last of the Quilts for Kids quilts today! I'll be glad to get those in the mail so I can move on to some more - but I've got to get some other things finished first. A friend of mine wants me to see what I can salvage from an old family quilt, another needs some pants hemmed, and then there's birthday presents to be made...... Looks like I'm going to be busy for a while! Oh well, better get to work - Later!!!



  1. My birthday presents? :D lol. I just kidding. That's a really cute pinafore. Only made cuter by the little girl wearing it! She's adorable! Aww...I miss you guys! Even if the child likes to pretend I don't exists. :D lol.


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