Monday, February 1, 2010

Hi, all!!

I had a great "Nana" day today - the Lillibug has started "sewing" on my machine (only she calls it her machine) and today she made a 'dress' for her friend Aidan (a boy!) and another 'dress' for Miss Cassie, who works at the daycare at my church and once gave Lilli a cupcake. Obviously Miss Cassie has found the way to my granddaughter's heart!! She loves to go through my fabric scrap box to find just the right fabrics for her creations. Usually it's clothes for her dolls, which I then have to figure out how to get on the dolls so they stay on for a while. It's wonderful to see her creative juices flowing, especially at such a young age! I can't wait to teach her to sew for real...........

Here's a little video of Miss Lilli at the sewing machine, for your entertainment pleasure!

Of course, typical for a two-year old, she won't look at the camera when Nana asks her to! We'll be back at the sewing machine tomorrow, I'm sure - I've still got quilts to finish for, plus gifts to make and a sewing class to get ready for on Saturday! Talk to you later!!



  1. Okay... I just figured out that I left a comment on the 2nd page while I was scrolling through to see how long you had been blogging! Again... will come back later to catch up! Lilli is adorable!


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