Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Opportunities.........

Hello, all!!

Well, they say third time is the charm, and I think with this third quilt being created for and donated to someone in need, we've created a new ministry!! This time it was for a little one-year old boy in the hospital, so we made a "woobie" type quilt - not full size, just big enough to cuddle with! It's probably about two feet square, and I think it came out really cute - the mitered squares were a new experiment for me, but I like them, and because it's a kid's quilt, you don't feel the need to stress out so much over perfect matching! It's got a kind of artsy feel to it. It's also a really nice weight, flannel on both sides with no filler. Very soft!!

My cute "nana" moment for the day? We are going on vacation to Tampa next month, and taking our daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter with us. Lilli is VERY excited about going to the beach - and when I asked her today what she wanted to do when she got to the beach, she said, "I'm gonna call everyone on the phone!" I think she takes after her Poppa (grandpa) who, as a teenager, used to call his friends in Virginia every Christmas morning while in the swimming pool in Miami, just to rub it in!




  1. Thats funny!! Love that quilt... love those bright colors! I am sure he will love cuddling with it!! :)

  2. Very pretty Sarah. I love the bright colors!


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