Monday, January 17, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #30!

Hi, all!!

Our snow is finally melting away, and schools should be back in session this week - finally!  It's funny how quickly I got used to Lilli being in preschool two mornings a week, and how much I can get done during those few hours!  My sewing suffered from the loss of the time this past week, but Lilli and I had a lot of fun on those snow days....

So how did I do on last week's list?

1.  Add borders to the Jacob's Ladder flimsy.
Done.  I love the way this fabric works on the border, and can't wait to quilt this one!

2.  Work on UFO #2 - a Christmasy Around The World quilt.
Done!  I added enough rows that this flimsy is half done!

3.  Load up a practice quilt on the quilting frame.
I still haven't done this.  I'm going to have to just drop everything else and make time for this, I think.  No other way to get it done!

4.  Piece a back for my niece's quilt.
I did not get to this, but I have an outstanding reason - more on that later!

5.  Put together scrap bags for our Saturday sewing meeting!
Done!  Not exactly what I had originally planned, but exactly what we needed to make!

At our Saturday sewing meeting, we had 22 ladies show up and we made 46 blocks that will become three new quilts!  I had hoped we could get sixteen blocks done for one quilt - but we had a great crowd and they jumped right into making the blocks and had fun!!

I didn't get to some of the stuff on last week's list because we (the quilt ministry) had requests for six (SIX!) quilts this week!  I finished one Sunday afternoon, and have pieced about half of another.  

Here's a teaser on the finished quilt - more pics and the story after I wash it!

And here's a teaser of the one I'm piecing right now...

So - - - for next week, I need to....

1.  Finish the second ministry quilt (the one that's half pieced).

2.  Start on ministry quilts #3 and #4 (using the blocks from Saturday).

3.  Choose a pattern for ministry quilt #5.

4.  Set up and test drive the quilting frame!!

I wish I could say I would get to a back for my niece's quilt, but I don't think I'll get all of the above done, much less piece a back!  A friend is going to come over and help me with some of the ministry quilts this week, though - that will be fun, sewing with someone else for a change!

And now I have a question for you......

Amy Lou Who is changing her Sew & Tell Friday linky, having it only once a month (probably!)   I have relied on Amy all year to give me a kick in the seat of the pants and make me get stuff done, so I have something to post on her weekly link-up - but now that is gone!  Is anyone else out there feeling the lack?  Would you be interested (and participate!) if I start up a weekly Friday finishes linky of some sort?  Very low key, few rules - just a place for everyone to show off what they've done that week!  Please let me know with a comment if that's something that you'd be interested in!

Time for me to go get the Lillibug and start my week - let me know what you're planning on working on this week!!



PS.  Be sure to check out the giveaway Julie's having on Jaybird Quilts - it's awesome!


  1. I will join you in Friday finsihes if you set up the linky (coz I don't know how to set one up). I want to stay motivated and productive this year to get lots sewn and all those UFO's finally done!

  2. I love your Christmas quilt! You can count on me for the Friday Link up. When a quilt is almost done, the Friday push gets me there. I don't always have something to share, however it is a great way to visit new sites from one location.

  3. Good Morning Sarah! I just wanted to tell you that Prairie Quilter has mentioned you and given your link in her post this morning. Go check it out!
    On the road again...

  4. You are always creating, I think you are very self motivated, Sarah. I too saw you mentioned on Michelle's blog this morning. But, I too have risen to challenge of Amy's link, just not every week. It's hard to do working full time. I'd be glad to join in here, too.
    Thanks as always for the inspiration!

  5. If you had a Friday linky (and I had a finish), I would definitely link up!

    Great progress on your list!

  6. I would like to do this,but I don't know if I would always have something to show:)

  7. If you have any shortage of participants, you can count on me. Btw, I adore your Jacob's Ladder quilt. The border is gorgeous. I find that kind of green fabric is an excellent staple - it fits with everything. I can't wait to hear about the quilting frame. I'm sure you're going to love it!

  8. Yes, a Friday Finishes would be a good way to re-focus. I have a serious tendency to create UFOs.

  9. Love the purple quilt! At least what you've shown of it. Then again, I like pretty much all things purple. Can't wait until you post the whole thing. Good luck on the rest of your quilts this week!

  10. Since I am now blogging I would be interested too.

  11. Hey Sarah,

    I knew there would be good eye-candy on here today. All of your quilts are wonderful, but that Jacob's Ladder is just stunning.

    As for linking up, whenever I have anything to show, I'd love to link up here.

  12. Can you participate without having a blog? I would totally be interested in doing the Friday Finishes but I don't blog.

  13. I'll join ; I need more motivation ! I dont have a blog either ; but I have Flickr set up ..... also , What kinds of fabric do you want ( I NEED TO GET SOME TO YOU!!!) cottons for sure ; flannel and / or polar fleece ?? let me know and I'' get that taken care of THIS WEEK !!!! and your teasers look GORGEOUS ! and the other ones also !

  14. I'm always in need of some motivation! I'd participate when I get things done to share!

  15. Hey there - this week on my sewing to do list to to finish up a quilt for my mom as well as start one for my dad. I have no idea how far I will get on either but that is what needs to get done.

  16. I'd love to join in on a Finished Friday - even though I might not always have something to show! ;) I need the extra motivation.

  17. I love your quilts. I would be interested in the show and tell Friday though I wuould not always have something.

  18. I'd be interested in your Friday Finishes.
    I love your Jacob's ladder. It's making me want to me that one up the list and make one soon.

  19. I can't believe that you haven't quilted on your new frame yet woman!! Ack!! I need to come and break it in for you! LOL :)


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