Saturday, January 15, 2011

Surfin' Saturday - featuring The Way I Sew It!

Hi, all!

Last week I started a new weekly feature, called "Surfin' Saturdays".  Each Saturday I'll share one of my favorite blogs with you, in hopes of introducing you to one you might not have seen before!  And if you have a favorite blog, please share in your comment - I love finding new inspirations on the Web!

And so - here's this week's featured blog - The Way I Sew It!

You've probably seen this icon out there in blogland...

But did you know that this is the lovely lady who hides behind it?

Meet P. - a fabulous blogger, who manages to merge quilty stuff, thrift shop hopping, Pyrex collecting, interesting reminiscing, and creative crafting into a really interesting read!  Over the past few months we've seen....

Beautiful Quilts!

A Seriously Impressive Pyrex Collection!

 Cool and Creative Ways to Use Thrift Shop Finds!

Inspirational Crafts!!

And really interesting family and historical tidbits!!

That's P's dad in that ad!

I think my favorite part of P's blog is her Sunday Sundry - a post composed of a little bit of everything!  Rather like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get - but it's always interesting!!  

So hop over and check out P's blog - I think you'll like it a lot!!

Now - tell me - which blogs do you like to spend time at? You know - the one that you go to first when you see they have a new post!!




  1. You are so sweet to mention me, Sarah! I feel (especially there in my jammies in that pic), LOL.

    I am on a roll getting that Lantern Bloom fabric quilt done. Better late than never!

    I enjoy your Surfin' Saturday posts. Keep 'em coming!

  2. Hi Sarah -- Thank you so much for the Surfin' Saturdays. This is such a great idea. I love P's site and look forward to watching her Lantern Bloom Quilt.

  3. I already follow her's a good one!!
    I also like Barbara Brackman's blog--actually she's got a few, but the one I follow (Material Culture) has all sorts of posts about quilt history. I think it's fascinating. barbarabrackman . blogspot . com

  4. Sarah, P's blog is one of my absolute favorites. So cool of you to feature it.

  5. Here I am trying to purge my blogroll (again) due to lack of time. I would like to find time to sew rather than be in the computer ALL day... and you are going to find me more blogs to follow.


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