Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Toddlerless Tuesday #15! Back in the saddle again....

Hi, all!

School is finally back in session, and the hubs is back at work, so I had my first toddler(and spouse)less Tuesday in two weeks!!  Woohoo!!!  Lilli is recovering from strep throat, though, so I did pick her up at noon to come home and eat and take a real nap - so I had a little over two hours after I got back to the house to get to work.

I showed this quilt top yesterday - - -

- - - - which I pieced a back for today - but unfortunately didn't get a pic of!  I put together a batt, quilt top, back and binding for a friend to take and quilt.  And - - - I finally started working on my quilt for ALQS5!  It's still in the very early stages, but at least it's started!  So that's how I spent my Toddlerless Tuesday!

And I found a couple of pictures I took earlier that I forgot to share with you all - Lilli and I went to the library on December 21st and got to meet a real reindeer!  Lilli was so excited - the whole time they were telling us about reindeer in general and this one (named Snowflake) in particular, she was asking me when she would get to pet it!  As soon as the handler said, "Does anyone want to pet Snowflake?" she was up and over there by him!


She was totally fearless petting the reindeer - all the other little kids were hanging back, but she was right there petting Snowflake.  I think even Snowflake was surprised!  Our neighbor has miniature horses that Lilli likes to play with, and the reindeer was just about the same size.  They really are much smaller than you would think they would be! And I found out something interesting - they have a tendon in their hind legs that clicks when they walk - and that's how the reindeer find each other in a snowstorm!  "Up on the housetop, CLICK CLICK CLICK!"  Who knew that's what it meant?  ;-)

I hope you had a productive and happy day!




  1. In another life way long ago...my daughter was very big in photography through 4H. She actually was recommended for a government loan for all her equipment and she did traveling photography of horse shows etc. We wanted to buy reindeer for her photography business but the one I was married to at the time wouldn't allow it. sigh. I think it would have been awesome!!

    Your little granddaughter looks cute!

  2. Sounds like you have been busy girl. When I lived in Palm Springs growing up, there was a place that had all the 'real' reindeer there as well...all with their proper names that Santa Claus gave them...and it is a priceless memory!

    Is Friday still going to work for you?
    Let me know.


  3. Oh my goodness! That is the cutest thing!! Those photos are treasures!! :-D And what a cool fact about the clicking...I had no idea. (One to pass along to sound like a very smart homeschool mom! :-D)
    Mary Lou

  4. Mystery solved....e-mail sent to my grandchildren....awaiting their responses..

    Snowflake seemed very gentle...What a memory!

  5. Ha!! I have never seen a "real" reindeer in person but I love your photos! Thank you for sharing! They are cute in their own way and fascinating fact about the clicking. ;)

    *waves to Lilli* :D

  6. Oh the things you learn. Fun to know about the click, click, click. The pictures of Lilli are very cute.

  7. Sarah, I love that quilt top! I saw it the other day but didn't have time to comment. It's sure going to be pretty all quilted, I bet!

    Wow, that's cool about the reindeer! I never knew they clicked. Yay, for fearless Lilli!

  8. Saw the quilt on Moda Bake Shop and didn't think it would be one that I would make, but then I saw yours. I like your color selection a lot better and gives the whole quilt a different look. After seeing yours I went back over to MBS and printed out the tutoral. Thanks for not letting me past up a great quilt.
    Lilli is growing so fast, she will love all the memories with her Nana.

  9. What a lovely quilt! Love the pics of Lilli!


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