Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Toddlerless Tuesday #18! Slow and steady wins the race.....

Hi, all!

Just a quick post to let you know that I didn't waste my toddlerless Tuesday - remember this quilt from Monday?

Well, it's quilted, trimmed, the binding is sewn on the front and I'm sitting here getting ready to watch the State of the Union address and hand-stitch the binding on the back!  I'll show finished pictures of it when I can get some daylight for a photo!  That may not be tomorrow - they've gone from predicting 1-3 inches of snow, to 2-4 inches, and now they're at 3-6 inches!  I may even have a toddlerless Wednesday - at least in the morning - if it comes through!

So what have you been up to??




  1. Way to quilt it out! Did you use your new frame?

  2. It's supposed to be almost 60 degrees here in Seattle tomorrow. Kind of weird but we often get a week of warm weather around February that makes me crave Spring. And then we are thrown back into weeks of rainy and gray and 40 degree weather yuckiness.


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