Sunday, March 20, 2011

Surfin' Sunday - featuring Love Laugh Quilt!!

Hi, all!

It's Sunday again - and it's been a spectacularly gorgeous week in Middle Tennessee - spring in all its glory!  It makes me realize just how lucky we are - especially after seeing the devastation in Japan.  And that leads me (in kind of a round-about way) to our featured blogger this week...  

Meet Beth....

....of Love Laugh Quilt!      

Now, I say that the situation in Japan leads us to Beth, because on her Saturday blogpost, Beth challenged us to each send her a quilt block like this....

...which she will then assemble into a quilt or quilts to be sent to someone in Japan.  Now, I know I don't have time to make a whole quilt to send to Japan right now - even though I'd love to - but I do have time to make a block or two and send them to Beth!  And I bet you do too!  So hop over to her blogpost (after you take a look at the rest of today's feature - there's lots of pretty eye candy here!) and sign up to make a block!

And now for the eye candy.... I love Beth's blog, because she is always making amazing things out of scraps....

And she's got lots of projects going on using little bitty pieces of fabric....

Like this postage stamp quilt....

Or these teeny-tiny wonky stars (3" x 3"!)...

Her use of color is inspiring....

But even more inspiring?  She makes quilts for the high school graduates in her church each year!

I love her creative, yet simple designs that use what she has on hand - we use a variation of this design for most of our baby blankets that we make through our church quilt ministry...

Beth's blog is so much fun to read - I hope you stop by and check it out - I think you'll come back often to see what she's up to!!  And now - - - go on over to her blog and read about the charity bee to send quilts to Japan - - - I hope your blocks will be joining mine and lots of others so we can send some comfort to the people of Japan!




  1. I agree. Beth is quite an inspiration.

  2. She is one of my favorite bloggers!

  3. I keep telling myself that Simple is King! And this shows it again...Thanks for letting me meet Beth.

  4. Aren't those little stars adorable? I enjoy Beth's blog, too:)

  5. Thanks Sarah - I love the pics of her projects. Also love the Japan idea - count me in for some blocks. I will head over to her site and get the info.
    Thanks for spreading the word.

  6. Can I ask you a question Sarah? That quilt you have on top of the blog, the quilting. Hand or machine? I am thinking machine because it is beautifully even. But either way, what thread, and how did you get a machine to do that stitch??? I don't mean to give me a lesson, although it does sound like that, huh. Just asking a question because it is so what I want to do but havn't gotten there yet
    glen at Quilts and Dogs/Quiltswissy

  7. Love the wonky star blocks and your pineapple quilt. They are striking. How nice of Beth to make a quilt for the graduates in her congregation. What a wonderful idea!

  8. Beth is a very sweet lady. I love her blog!

  9. I've been enjoying your blog .. I would very much like to receive your tutorial of Winter Snows. That disappearing 4 patch pattern looks
    fascinating! I am until now, a nonblogger .. so this is my mailing address for you: Thank you. Anxious to get started. Dottie Reynolds

  10. I would love to receive the tutorial for Winter Snows. I am also headed over to Beth's blog to find out about patches for Japan. Thank you for the heads up. With so much tragedy over there it feels like we need to do something, this gives us an avenue to make a differance.

  11. hadacres, you are a no-reply blogger - I hope you see this - if you do, please comment again and list your e-mail address in your comment and I will send you the tutorial! Sarah

  12. Hi Sarah .. I don't mean to be a pest, but I still have not received your tutorial on the Winter Snows. I bought fabric that I think will be perfect! Hope I got enough .. oh yeah, right .. I always buy way more than I need for any one project :) lol Thanks, Dottie Reynolds
    email addr:


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