Monday, March 28, 2011

Make-A-List Monday #40! No excuses this week...

Hi, all!

There will be no excuses this week - because Miss Lilli goes back to preschool!  Spring break is over - - - and that means the sweatshop starts back up!

I didn't do so badly last week, though - so let's take a look...

1.  Clean up the sewing room!
OK, maybe this isn't the best place to start, since the word "clean" is mentioned - 
but I did get it picked up a little bit at the beginning of the week 
(although it still looks like a bomb hit it!)

Just to keep it real....  ;-) !!

2.  Bind the three quilts that were quilted on Sunday.
Done!  This was how I kept busy on my car ride to and from Paducah...

An I-Spy quilt for a 7 year old boy with leukemia...
(Pieced by Pam, quilted by Sarah)

Another Double Irish Chain going to a woman just diagnosed with breast cancer...
(Blocks pieced by Connie, top pieced by Tracy and Sarah, quilted by Sarah)

And this beauty is going to a lady who has had ongoing complications from back surgery.
(Pieced by Tracy, quilted by Sarah)
3.  Work on the Brown Bag Challenge quilt due 4/1/11.
Done!  I completed my blocks late Sunday afternoon, and I'll start 
assembling the quilt today!

All ready to be cut up!!

4.  Organize undesignated quilts in progress.
Done!  Amazingly, I now have twelve adult quilts in various stages of completion, which is so wonderful!  Now when I finish one, I just reach into the box and pull out the next one.

5.  Finish organization project for keeping track of designated quilts in progress.
Done!  I think I'm going to like this - we create a card each time there's a 
request for a quilt, with the recipient's name on it, how they're 
connected to us, and any information we have about them.  
I attach a clip to the card if someone is working on the quilt.
This way, anyone can come in and see if there's something they can 
work on, and know everything I know about the recipient.

It still needs binding, but I needed
to put it to work!!

I also quilted a small quilt for a friend and two more ministry quilts.

So that's how last week went.  And here's what's on the schedule for this week....

1.  Bind quilt for Relay for Life auction.

2.  Bind purple ministry quilt.

3.  Finish Brown Bag Challenge quilt.

4.  Complete one or two more ministry quilts.

This should be enough to keep me busy for the week - 
especially since I still have to do my taxes!!  
I can't put those off much longer..........

What are you planning on doing this week?  Our weather is supposed to be cold and rainy here, so I won't be playing outside - but I hope you are enjoying some beautiful spring weather wherever you are!!




  1. So glad to hear i am not the only one making lists. As of last week i took off cleaning and picking up sewingroom. After i did (being very proud of myself) the bookshelf on the wall came down. Now my motto is: as long as i can still move around, quilt, open and close the door and there's nothing moving around that isnt supposed to have feet the sewingroom is ok!

  2. I still haven't started my Brown Bag quilt:( It's on the list for today. I really like your hanging organizer. Very useful!

  3. Way to go! I know you can do it. My taxes have moved to the top of my list as well. They do have a deadline I can't afford to miss. :( I don't like interruptions of my sewing time.

  4. Wow! Such a busy lady. Well done on all the work you do for others xx

  5. That organizer is a great idea. You got a lot of pretty quilts done this week!

  6. I love you organizer - awesome idea!!! You got a ton of stuff done last week - I am impressed. This week I haven't even figured out yet - pitiful I know.

  7. And this is what you get done on a bad week!! Goodness!

  8. Good for you....I like to go through my stuff every once in awhile (like every 3-4 months) keeps me informed and reminded about stuff I have..I don't clean, I just go through my stuff...

    Like your organizing technique as well..good to have when more than one person is working on things.

  9. WOW ! That's all I can say for your accomplishments ! WOW ! I have done my taxes and efiled them ; just need to pay them ... hah !
    Beautiful Work Sarah !

  10. When exactly do you sleep? OMG that is a lot of work, congrats on getting it done!

  11. Looks like a great list. Much funner that those darn taxes.

  12. Why clean your sewing room? Isn't that the way they are supposed to look...

  13. Wnat a great way to keep your quilting tasks organized! I especially like the second quilt. Great job! (finding you from Amy's Creative Side)

  14. Wow! I echo Marcigirl--when do you sleep? I salute you! The quilts are wonderful BTW. :- )


  15. Oh I feel so sorry for you because you said "There will be NO excuses" so now something is going to get in your way cuz you jinxed it.

    I love the idea of your quilt organizer. That will be so nice since you have so many working on the quilts.

  16. my brown bag is in the being quilted stage. Will we make it?


  17. Congrats on being so organized and focused! I wander off... Today I had friends over, and only did a little piecing on my Pinwheels ala Eleanor. But I hope to have some good results to show on Whoop Whoop! Friday!

  18. Wow! I bet you've been a very busy woman with all these quilts on your hands. It's great to know that all of these beautiful quilts are for a good cause. Keep up the good work and may you continue to be an inspiration to all the quilters out there. All the best! :)

  19. Love the organizer! Mine would have to be 10 foot long:)
    Paducah? My husband is from there and we lived there for a year or so after we got married. Next trip to see mom and dad I need to take a quilt along. The trip seems so long.


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