Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's Cookin' at The Sweatshop, Week #9

Hi, all!!

Well, we've been busy at The Sweatshop - lots of needs lately, so we've been finishing up quilts like crazy women!!  Here are the quilts we've finished and given away since the last update....

This quilt top was donated by Deb, a blogging friend of the quilt ministry; the addition of a border made it the perfect size.  It went to a gentleman who has been a quadriplegic for many years. He has been diagnosed with a bone infection and will be undergoing treatment for an extended time.

This pretty jelly roll race quilt was pieced by Lynn, a member of our quilt ministry, and went to a woman diagnosed with breast cancer.

This quilt was pieced from strips donated by Sharon, set between strips of Irish linen from my grandmother's stash.  It was given to a gentleman living with multiple myeloma.

This lovely quilt was pieced by Diane, a quilt ministry member and fellow blogger.  It went to its new home with an older gentleman who recently received a very dire diagnosis.

These two quilts are going to a married couple; he is at home in hospice care, and she has diabetes.  His quilt, made by the Road to Arkansas pattern, was piece by Debora, a quilt ministry member.  Her quilt, another jelly roll race quilt, was pieced by Joanna from our quilt ministry.

This lovely pink quilt, pieced by Cindy, a quilt ministry member, is going to a young woman who has suffered a serious life-changing event.  We hope that this quilt will bring her some peace and comfort.

This quilt is going to a gentleman dealing with cancer.  I made it with a layer cake of Coming Home that Judi sent me - such pretty fabric to work with!

This quilt, pieced by Margaret, a quilt ministry member, went to a lady suffering with her second bout of cancer.  
And these two quilts went to church for our pastor to give out if needed at the October prayer and healing service.

See!  I told you it had been a busy week!!  We've almost caught up with the needs right now, but I don't expect that to last long....

Oh - and here's a shot of the newest batch of donations we received - three lovely boxes of yardage from our local quilt shop owner, Marita.  Actually, this is only two boxes full - one box full had already been re-folded and stashed away!

So that's what we've finished recently - currently we're also working on a quilt for a gentleman in Florida diagnosed with cancer, a quilt for a young woman with diabetes, and a quilt for a 4th grader going through a rough time.  And we still need to finish up the quilts we started for 100 Quilts For Kids!  I expect that list will increase next week when my liaison from church returns from the mission trip she's on - so we'll stay busy!!  

It feels so good to do good!!




  1. You guys do a lot of good!! So many lives are touched through these quilts!

  2. Goodness! You ladies have done well! Congratulations on all the finishes!!! I love them all ... I am sure they will be cherished for many years to come!!!

  3. Super bunch of quilts! Wow, beyond your list.

  4. You and your ministry helpers have really been working hard! So many needs, but so many beautiful quilts. The blue and tan one at at the top really caught my eye.

  5. The quilts are awesome. What a great week of sewing.

  6. Wow! Very impressive! Beautiful work for very great needs.

  7. You girls are the bee's knees! Awesome!

  8. Well done. You will never know the true difference you have made in the recipients' lives. Well, you'll know someday, but let's hope it's not any time soon!


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