Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again....

Hi, all!

Well, I've been a bad, bad blogger - but I promise to get back in the swing of things this week!  I don't have a quilt ministry update - it's been quiet over the holidays - but I do want to show you the Blogger' Choice Bundle that I put together in response to the challenge posted by Laura over at Quokka Quilts!

The fabrics are, as follows:

1.  Michael Miller Baby Gray Bicycles
2.  Children At Play Cotton Aqua On The Go
3.  Children At Play Cotton Coral On The Go
4.  Michael Miller Baby Haze Bicycles
5.  Extreme Team Haze Wheel Dot
6.  It's a Girl Thing Bloom Bicycles
7.  J'Adore Stella Multi Bicyclette
8.  Extreme Team Charcoal Wheel Dot
9.  L'Amour de la Vie Red Velo Fleurs Tossed Bicycles
10. L'Amour de la Vie Pink Velo Fleurs Tossed Bicycles
11. Timeless Treasures Black Flower Bikes
12. Now We're Going Places White Tossed Bicycles
13. Bella Solids Robins Egg
14. Bella Solids Amelia Pink
15. Bella Solids Silver
16. My name for this bundle - Free Wheeling!

Do you sense a theme?  I just love all the bicycle fabrics that have popped up lately, and would love to make a quilt from them.  Imagine my surprise when I found twelve similarly themed fabrics at The Fat Quarter Shop, the sponsor for this challenge!  And you know what "sponsor" means - there are prizes!  So hop over to Quokka Quilts and read the rules, then put together your own bundle!  It's fun!!

Hope to see you Friday for "Can I Get A Whoop Whoop" Friday!  Come back and show us what you've been working on!!




  1. Free wheeling is fabulous! Hope you win the bundle. BTW I love your zig zag quilt in the previous post.

  2. Hi - Hope your recuperation is on track. And you haven't been a 'bad, bad blogger' - you deserved to take a break over the holidays! Cute fabric selections :-)

  3. Fun! Nothing bad about taking a breather:)

  4. Welcome back. Not a bad blogger, at least you had a excuse, I was just lazy. Love the bicycle fabric, if you use them in a quilt does that count as exercising?

  5. I'm not a blogger at all.Don't even know if I'm posting this at the right place...but I LOVE the Christmas quilt done in the disappearing 9 patch and I would love for you to send me the tutorial. The sashing makes all the difference to me! Great job! Pls send to
    Thanks! BP

  6. Dear Sarah ! YOU are not a blog slacker !! I have slacked so much that I just saw you had a giveaway and I MISSED IT TOO , along with many whop whoop fridays !!!! I am glad Jennifer won it ; I met her and Shannon @ Fabric N Quilts when we were in Tennessee last July !! I really like them both alot ! and you too even though I have not met you ..... yet !!! I love your bundle you have put together ! And I even have a finish this week ; what are the odds that I remember to take a picture and post it ?????????????????? we shall see !!!! Take care !!

  7. Hi Sarah
    I am a new follower sent over from Jen at hoodies and flip flops. I love fabric and wool.
    I look forward to getting to know you.
    Hugs Trace

  8. What a fun bundle and I love the name Free Wheeling! You a bad blogger? Ha-ha-ha, never!

  9. What cool bike fabrics! You a bad blogger? Hah!


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