Monday, July 29, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - Still Plenty To Do!

Hi, all!

I hope you all are enjoying the same fabulous weather we are - it's been in the 70s here and low humidity - unheard of in Middle Tennessee in late July!!  Usually we're in the 90s and it feels like you're walking in hot soup when you go outside....  But despite the beautiful weather, I have managed to get some things done on my list!  So let's see how I did...

1.  Quilt two women's quilts for the ministry.
Done!  Both of these have been delivered to their new owners...

2.  Quilt a friend's quilt top.
Done!  She brought us the center piece of this quilt, which was pieced by a family member, and asked us to create a quilt top for her.  I really like the way this came out - and the back has her signature "bees" on it!

3.  Sash the batik top on the design wall.
Done!  I finished the sashing...

...and then we had a need come up for it.  So I spent the last three days doing a custom quilt job on this - feathers in the borders and sashing surrounded by microstippling, a medium random meander in the batik backgrounds of each block, and pebbles in the white.  Whew!  It took forever, but I really like the way it came out!!

4.  Finish sorting through the eight boxes of donations that came while we were out of town!
Done!  They're all put away at church and some of them are even being made into quilts already!

5.  Quilt two quilts for the Rogersville mission trip.
I didn't get to this one, because of the custom quilt job.

6.  Find a pattern for a flag quilt - a young man in our church offered yard and house work in exchange for a quilt - 
what a deal!
Done!  Turns out he really just wants an exact replica of a US flag - and I found the correct proportions on line.  Now to find the fabric!

7.  Friday night sewing with my sewing sisters!
Done!  We had about a dozen ladies there, and we got a lot done!

I also finished a quilt that a lady who comes to our church on occasion asked us to finish for her.  Someone gave her this beautiful hand-pieced scrappy top - it wasn't completed - some blocks were lacking centers, and it was not yet squared off.  I took off the unfinished blocks and added a few in some of the gaps on the borders to make it a complete rectangle.  Quilted it up, rounded the blocks on the sides, and learned how to bind curved edges!  I love the way this came out...

Whew!  A very busy week, even though I didn't get everything on the original list done.  So let's see what's on tap for this week...

1.  Bind the batik quilt.

2.  Quilt a quilt for a young man in our church.

3.  Quilt a woman's quilt for the ministry.

4.  Quilt a man's quilt for the ministry.

5.  Quilt at least two quilts for Rogersville.

6.  Finish up the guest room for my niece's visit!

Tomorrow I get to go to a fabric warehouse with a friend - my first time!  We'll be looking for fabric for the quilt ministry - she can get the wholesale price, so it's a great deal for us.  I'm excited!!  Then I have Lilli and Emmy on Wednesday, and also for a sleepover on Friday night (so their parents can have a "real" date!) Busy week but it's all good!

So now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. All just lovely - you are really expanding your machine skills!! I am just housecleaning and sorting and re-organizing - prepping for the new month to arrive with all the updates on QALs, etc....

  2. Your quilting is very nice! The batik quilt is lovely!

  3. Loving those quilts, particularly the batik one (the colours are just gorgeous) and the last one with the curved edges. I love it when an unfinished project that has been waiting for a long time gets finished. I hate to think of the work someone has done starting a quilt and it not get finished eventually! Great job!

  4. A fabric warehouse? Oh my! That sounds like way too much fun! That batik quilt is gorgeous!! I'm always amazed at how much you accomplish each week.

  5. I like how your orphan block quilt came out.

  6. Wow - you are focused! I'm not achieving much at all as it's the school holidays... I love that scrappy hexagon quilt, great job on binding those edges! :-)

  7. You have been busy...Have fun shopping !!

  8. Your quilting is looking great. Bet you're having fun. Looks like it!

  9. I'm floored by all that you are able to complete in such a relatively short amount of time. Yeah for you!

  10. Wow, I really love the rounded edges, where did you learn to bind it like that? I guess I'll be doing some research on that this week! Today I'm posting a tutorial on my blog, and the rest of the week I'm working on wine totes, quilts, and table runners for my store! Have a great week Sarah!

  11. You have been very busy my dear. Everythign looks fabulous.

  12. Your quilting on that batik quilt is spectacular! I must go though my UFOs again soon and see if I have any more to send.

  13. I haven't done any quilting in weeks. Hit a bump, put off doing that. I'm hoping to get my butterfly done, and #7's first birthday gift finished. We'll see.

    Love all that you did. Sounds like you could make a business of finishing others' quilts.

  14. I`am working with scrappy...scrappy and scrappy!!!Hugs Bambi

  15. Great quilts!! I especially love the 1st womens ministry quilt! Great job


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