Monday, July 1, 2013

Make-A-List Monday!! A Successful Week!!

Hi, all!

How's the weather where you are?  It seems like it's either gorgeous (here we're in the upper 70s and lower 80s!) or scorching hot!  For those of you in the hot zones, I feel your pain - last year at this time we had one day when it hit 109 degrees!  We're just grateful that we've got more temperate weather this year.  So it's been pleasant to spend time sewing, but also very nice to spend some time out on the boat.  That means spending a bit more energy to utilize my time wisely - and I succeeded this week!  Let's take a look at how I did on last week's list...

1.  Finish stitching the Helping Hands quilt top together.
Done!  Here's a picture of the pieced top!

2.  Continue cutting out my vacation quilt.
Done!  It's all cut out, packaged up, and ready to be sewn together in two weeks!!  Woohoo!  Beach, here I come!

3.  Quilt the Helping Hands quilt.
Done!  Six hours or so of quilting, using lots and lots of different stitches - it was a great learning experience!  Come back on Friday for pictures - it will definitely be my Whoop Whoop for the week!

4.  Take care of any ministry needs that come up.
Done!  We only needed one quilt finished this week - 

this pretty quilt is going to a woman in her 80s who is suffering from hardening of the lungs.  She is cold all the time... we backed this quilt with a nice soft piece of chenille in her favorite color, blue.  It washed up so soft and cuddly!

And that's how last week's list went.  It feels really good to have finished the whole list for a change!!  Here's what's on tap for this week...

1.  Take lots of pictures of the Helping Hands quilt!

2.  Finish a man's quilt for the ministry.

3.  Finish a woman's quilt for the ministry.

4.  Put together the modern top on the design wall.

5.  Start getting the house ready for vacation. 
(Oh how I hate housework!)

6.  Work on organizing the ministry's quilt patterns.

7.  Keep up with any other ministry needs that come up.

Hopefully, I can get all this done even though it's a holiday weekend.  We'll probably be spending a good bit of time out on the boat this weekend if the nice weather holds!  Plus I have a "date" with my oldest granddaughter tomorrow afternoon to go see "Monsters University" - always a fun time!


Many of you have commented in the past about how much I get done each week.  Since some of you are "no-reply" bloggers, I want to get it out in the open - I do not hold a job outside the home, I only keep my granddaughters two days a week now, and basically making quilts for the quilt ministry is my full time job.  (I am so lucky!)  Plus I avoid housekeeping like the plague whenever possible - my dust bunnies have names!    I do have a few tips for those of you who wish you could get more done, though...

First of all, keep a running list of everything you do each week.  This can be only craft related, or can contain everything you do each day, including chores, shopping, etc.  I think you'll be surprised at how much you actually accomplish each week!

Second, make lists!  There's a definite feeling of accomplishment to crossing something off the list, and it's easier to stay on task if you've got a set of goals written down.  It can be a daily, weekly, or even monthly list.  For me, I have a weekly list published on my blog (accountability works for me!) and a daily list that I keep on my phone.

And that brings me to my third tip - a great little app called Clear.  This app will allow you to make multiple to-do lists, prioritize items on the list and easily change those priorities, and cross things off the list without them disappearing forever.  I love this app - it has revolutionized my list-making because I don't have to remember where I put the paper list I've made - I always have my phone with me!   It is super-simple to use and you can have as many lists as you want, switching between them very easily.



One more thing - I'd like to make you all aware of another great annual charity quilt drive that has just started again - the 100 Quilts For Kids Charity Quilt Drive!  You can read more about it on Kate's blog, Swim Bike Quilt. This is a great drive - you donate your quilts locally, or in the alternative, Kate has a list of charities you can donate to.  It runs from July 1st to September 30th.   I hope you'll join in - it's a great cause!!


Now the question is - - - what are you working on this week?




  1. You did a great job with our hands, Sarah. I thoroughly enjoyed the post before this one where you showed the process. You go girl.

  2. whether you hold an "outside of the home" job or not, your quilt ministry work is so inspiring. I just love reading about it! and I'm so in for the 100 quilts for kids!!
    oh, and our weather here is gorgeous too. I'm in the Memphis area (Germantown), so I don't think I'm too far away from you, Sarah!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  3. You did a beautiful job on the Hands quilt. This week I have been working on and finished two blocks of a block of month I started last year.the pieces are very tiny and my hands are just too arthritic to do all the cutting and sewing required . Also finished a couple of blocks to send to Calgary to some quilters who are putting quilts together for the people who lost their homes in the flood. So many terrible things happening in our countries. Blessings have a wonderful holiday .Sandra

  4. Love the new quilts!
    I've been making pot holders and warmed up my embroidery machine to make some little labels for some cloth slings we use at work (ER). It was actually kind of fun :-)
    Have fun in the boat!

  5. I'm a list maker too - notepad by the computer and most important deadline items also get put on the calendar hanging over the computer -- everything is right on sight. I have 5 bindings to finish for the week and I managed to get 3 of those done today. Enjoy your Holiday time with family.

  6. Those are some good tips! I have to do some mending and hemming for a friend tomorrow and Wed. decorate a cake and then nothing will get done for the next two weeks!

  7. Clear is that good? I got it for free off Starbucks but haven't tried it yet....there's no learning curve with paper. ;) I'm always amazed at what you get done - I don't have a "real" job either - but I just figure you're amazing.

  8. I too, quilt with a mission! I completed 5 quilts last week, and plan on another few this week! Our stories sound very much the same. Thank you for the work you do. I know that you are touching lives.

  9. Thanks for the organization tips. I still work full-time so I certainly don't get as much done as you do.

  10. love your blog and your positive attitude! And, loved getting my gifted fabric from H2H - beautiful stuff... thanks - it was fun and I will definitely participate again next year!

  11. We applaud your hands flimsy. It'll be interesting to see the quilting.
    Love the blue and stripy quilt. Hope it gives her lots of comfort.
    I'm still making butterflies.

  12. I too am a list maker but my problem is that I keep seeing things on blogs that hop to the top of my lists. Or I sign up to do something that needs to hop to the top or at least the middle of a list. Wouldn't change me for the world. This week I need to finish a small house warming gift for friends at whose house I'm having dinner on Thursday. I would also like to get a lap quilt bound.

  13. I recently started using OneNote which came along with the MS suite. Seems to be helpful, though with paper notes, they're transportable from room to room. OneNote does mean more sittin' time in front of the computer, but I'm often here working (and not) anyway, and it's nice to just pop the window open and jot a thought down. Obviously, I don't have a smartphone or that app might be really handy.

    Prewashing the batiks today, cleaning up the mess in the sewing room, and I just remembered I hemmed Dad's pants and forgot to take them with me when I went over there tonight. Oops!


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