Monday, July 15, 2013

Make-A-List Monday - Vacation Quilt Time!

Hi, all!

Hello from the beautiful Gulf Coast!!  Here's what the view looks like from our balcony...

...and here's where I spent eight hours on Sunday!

Totally, wonderfully relaxing!!  But don't think I'm completely wasting my days - I have been working on my vacation quilt, too!

But right now, let's see how I did on last week's list...

1.  Go to church and make up kits for my Sewing Sisters to use next Saturday to make quilts for the Rogersville mission trip in October.
Done! I got ten kits made up, and I think they've all been distributed.  More to make when I get back!

2.  Sash the batiks quilt that is on the design wall.
I didn't get to this one before I left, unfortunately.

3.  Finish cleaning the house.
Done!  It looked really nice when I left!

4.  Pack the essentials - beach umbrella, beach chairs, sewing machine, fabric, cutting tools!  (Oh yeah, I guess I'd better pack some clothes too...)
Done!  So far we've only had a couple of things to pick up that we forgot, all minor.  Whew!

5.  Drop off some donation books at the library.
Done! They were happy to get them, too!

6.  Take Jolene to the shop for a "spa day" (a/k/a tune-up) while we're on vacation.
Done!  I had a very interesting conversation with the two gentlemen who will be working on Jolene - they thought it was funny that I named her, but promised to take very good care of her while I'm gone.  Unfortunately, they won't open up on Sunday so I can pick her up early, so Bill's a little worried I'll go into withdrawal.....  ;-)

I also finished off two quilts for ministry needs last week...

This one went to a woman with terminal cancer...

...and this one to a woman with uterine cancer.

And now, even though I'm on vacation, I've got a few things I want to get done before next Monday.  So here's my list for the week!

1.  Finish my vacation quilt top, a Swoon quilt in winter colors.  One block is completely stitched already, and another has all the HSTs and flying geese sewn and trimmed, ready to be put together.  So one and a half down, seven and a half to go!

2.  If I finish it, work on Emmy's quilt for Christmas.

3.  Do some hand-piecing repair on a vintage top.

4.  If all that gets done, work on my drunkard's path project.

5.  On Sunday, re-level my quilt frame before I get Jolene back!  (I live in a very old house and the floors shift sometimes.  My frame has gotten a bit out of whack, and this is a great time to get it put back to rights!)

6.  Pick up Jolene from the shop on Monday1

So that's my list for the week - definitely not written in stone - because if I don't get to items one through four, it will be because I'm enjoying the beach too much!  

And now the question is - - - what are YOU working on this week?




  1. I'm working on my sailboat quilt and a friend who is having a baby is coming over and we are going to start on a quilt top for her baby. And of course, clean the house!

  2. The quilts are beautiful... We made a quilt for one of our quilting friends, and quilting it is number one on my to-do list this week! Enjoy your 'busy' vacation!

  3. Sounds like you are having fun :-)
    I finished a baby quilt, 2 potholders and pulled out fabric for more, and I'm doing a project for working making machine embroidered labels and sewing them on to these sling/lifter things we use for heavy patients. These small projects are kind of satisfying even if they are not exciting. Enjoy the sun and waves!

  4. We sold our house Saturday ... Less than a week. So, you know what I've been doing. Closes in a month

  5. On vacation and still quite the list! What does Bill do while you sew on vacation?

    I got a wild hair today to cut into my grandma's inspirational quilt top and I unpicked one block, swished the pieces in the sink, blotted and pressed them dry, and then started recutting them. The templates for my Thoroughly Modern Lily quilt are just a smidge smaller than her pieces, so it worked. I was going to see if it would work to replace the bad fabrics with decent ones (mostly all the solids) and fix the boo-boos in construction. Now that I know it can be done, do I want to continue on with the rest of the blocks? I guess maybe so, but not all at once. It'll take time and patience.

  6. I am working on finishing up my Swoon top and quilting it! Top finished...check!

  7. Oh how I LOVE the beach... enjoy every lazy minute you can! I'm giving myself free reign to enjoy the lake, the flower garden and the rest of summer fun because it goes by too fast. Quilting in the heat of the afternoon or late at night for me!

  8. Good to hear you are enjoying the beach.
    I finished the Common Blue and now I'm making a Peacock Butterfly. (This one is hard to figure out where all that color goes.)

  9. Love your view:)

    For the first time in several months, I'm making a quilt. Couldn't stand it any longer!

    Have a wonderful, relaxing time!

  10. Oh how lucky to spend all that time at the shore. I hope you have a lovely holiday and enjoy working on your vacation quilt too. I am not working on my quilt this week as it just too hot to have anything on my lap!


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